So I'm a little concerned

So im growing in a 27"x27"x63" tent and i think i might have gone a little over with the numbr of plants its looking like its going to get cramped


yup, two would be pushing it


It’s going to get very cramped, just keep an eye on them and be ready to defoliate as needed.


Yeah thats what i was planning on doing that and a lot of LST to controll the shape
2 of them are blueberry auto at 25 days old so they shouldn’t be in there for more than another 40-50 days give or take

Your gonna be pressed to maintain 1 in there after flower.

If you intend on flowering them all in that space and they aren’t currently entering flower you should flip to 12/12 auto or not.

The littlest is going to disappear.

Flowering time alone is going to be 8-10 weeks, not counting veg.


They’ll be fine

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I wouldn’t LST if they are autos in that small space and that far along. Just let them do thei thing. The most lst I would recommend would be to tie high and pull away verse bending the stalk at this point. With autos you want to lst within the first two nodes and do a tie stretch. Once you get this late you will decrease production and probably stunt. They will be hitting flower soon and you can use the stretch phase with high ties

But he’s right. That little o e will be overshadowed in a week or so

Get yourself a 2x4x5ft the one you have now would. ake a great veg tent. I’ve grown in that size, controlling humidity during flower was a b!%@#.

I haven’t had any problem controlling humidity even during flowering i already tied down the branches on the two autos the photo period will be fine till the autos finish and then all it should need is a week or two fill out a little before i trigger it to flower

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looking good, gonna be wall to wall buds. A net would be handy. its gonna be a bit hard getting in there to tie them up when they get heavy. happy growing!

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This isn’t an auto but its 1 plant in a 27x27 if it helps for reference any.


Damn she is taking up some realestate, is that a Spider Farmer ? Just put my order in for one yesterday. Pros/Cons so far ? Grow is looking great from here.


Yes it is the spider farmer se3000. Its my first light so i dont have much to compare it to but ive been very impressed by it and the whole spider farmer tent/system. I will @ you ober on my journal if youd like to see other pics of it, i post more than anyone wants to see im sure :rofl:.

Edit: i saw where you were already on my journal lol. I knew your tag sounded familiar.


Yeah , definitely going to be wall to wall Keep a good air flow for sure. I grew 6 plants in a 4x4 . I promise myself I would never do that again. You might have a friend that you can give one plant too.
Good luck :v:


Beautiful @TheAbu95 well done.

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Thank you!!!

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I have been looking at this light. I have a 3x3 tent. You think this would be enough for that? They say it vegs 3x3 and flowers a 2x2. I always grow multiple plants.
The next one up is the G5000, it vegs 4x4 and flowers a 3x3. It says its for a 4x4 tent but it would fit in a 3x3 size wise. Would this be too much?
I would love to get your opinion on this too @MidwestGuy
300w compared to 480w
Currently using 400w hps, trying to upgrade. Want to make the right choice.


Go big or go home right lol? From what ive read the bigger the light you can get away with the better off you are. The tent size that i have was made specifically to accommodate this light if im not mistaken. That was the big selling point when i bought it all lol. I wouldn’t buy or not buy anything on my recommendation alone though. Id hate for you to spend your money on something you didn’t need. But if it has the dimmer swich like mine you should be able to control it i would think so id say the G5000 if you can fit it in there.

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It does have the dimmer. My thoughts too, get the bigger and turn it down. Just dont want overkill for the 160.00 difference if I dont really need.

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