Light distance in auto?

Hellop I have a big question if this light to close to the plant, cuz my plant grow more that I expected and she is in flowering stage I cut some flowers and leaf from the main cola cuz light burn she was kiss the light she get almost 4’ with the pot and my tent is 2x2x4 she overtake the all tent for her

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Yup you have a problem my friend. They will keep stretching to probably TWICE that size as they flower. Id get in there and SUPERCROP And cut clones from everywhere. Im bot seeing pistils anywhere so it looks like you arent even flowering yet. Gonna be TIGHT TIGHT.

Ever supercrop before? Its taking a branch and squeezing it between ur fingers. U wanna crush it without breaking skin. So it folds over. Could by u a few feet but its pretty tight in there…

Also might wanna put lights on 12/12 to force flower cuz ur already out of room my friend.


@PurpNGold74 I try to cut more flower on the top and she is in flowering stage cuz she is 6 weeks from seedling, I don’t know if I can still cut cuz I read in flowering stage in auto can’t be topping, but my plan is to tie so maybe I can take some inch down from the top? and you said change ligth schedule to 12/12 I don’t read nothing about that’s schedule on autoflower just for photos I’m in 18/6 now

@Budz, @2GreenThumbs, @Covertgrower

Any advice ?

Not necessarily true my friend. Do you see pistils? Little white hairs.

Pistil in the main cola

Pistill in flowers

She is in flowering stage from week 5

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Is there anything above the light? You can move the fan/filter outside of the tent if they are above it. With training you can make her grow sideways. Just be careful bending stems, work them back and forth to gently break the strands, don’t just go straight over.


Ahh I stand correctd. TY.

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@Budz I remove the filter fan just is the light without hangers lmao she get all the tent my friend.

About twist I’m rookie you think I can make mistake do that?

I beheaded two photos after flip first time. My super crop worked initially but I didn’t go low enough and tried again too soon. With patience they would’ve been fine. Still produced bud, one doing quite well even.


She’s started flowering but in my opinion you are gonna have to cut em back. You simply have no more room.

Now with that said, you just started flowering so you may be ok, as they stretch into week 3 or so of flower.


@2GreenThumbs so is more easy for my cut flowers and make 12" from the light to the plant? And last question men that don’t go to make problems to the plant?

@Mefis how tall is your tent? You need to upsize ol boy, as your dreams and plants are bigger than yo tent! Lol! These are good problems Mefis, relax go burn one take a toke for me too, and get your scizzors out.


Is crazy she is auto and if is was for the plant she get 4’ she now have 3’ 3" she is a monster I look autos in thist stage and they look like 2’

@2GreenThumbs my tent is 2x2x4

@2GreenThumbs and crazy story she is the variagate mutant lmao I was expecting something small

Auto? I thought you said photo. If you gonna top it you better do it quick. You are gonna need a bigger tent next round or lst. Depends on the strain I had some tall WW auto bout 4 plus ft a b banner bout 5 ft.

@2GreenThumbs yeah she is autoflower that’s the seed I order from ILGm that’s why I’m like why she is so tall but I read they get 3’ indoor and 3.5 outdoor