Light distance in auto?

@2GreenThumbs she is sour diesel auto stain

You can try bending them but you have waited to the very last minutes of topping time so you are gonna have to make a decision fast if your gonna top them back.

Me I would cut them or bend them as in today quick like as you got a mess on your hands and no more time left to top.

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How many days old today exactly?

@2GreenThumbs she had 45 days from seedling

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Sorry 46 days with today

Low stress training is always and option too. The Others covered the rest.


Thanks but I thinking is to late for lst her now

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Never too late. Even in flowering. I had a wedding cake that got unruly in the tent, and bent her right over. It kind of became a Scrog sort of.


Sorry bud but in my opinion you have waited too long to top. Bend them over even if you have to sacrifice a plant to the outside world as that’s the best place for autos anyway.

I’ve seen some in those small tents lay there pots on a 45 degree angle. It worked for them try it.

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Thanks all I tie her to the side now

Tomorrow I do the other this side

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I need to let the tent open for humidity and for the monster she is


Hell of a mess. Top is too close to survive and it blocks light from the viable bud sites below. Easier said than done but… gut it. Take the heart out and train / supercrop remaining branches towards the gap you make in the center.

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@HMGRWN do you said is a mess lmao do you let a plant grow natural she grow natural and she is a monster with steroids
That’s my first plant so I don’t do LST an topping cuz I looking how she do natural grown but my problem was my tent is small for not training plant so I just move the main cola to the side

And I cant cut to much cuz she is on flowering stage and she is auto I read on flowering stage is not good to do topping what’s you opinion about that ?

You are already wall to wall full.

Even bending and tying down, all you are doing is crowding into a wad further blocking light and choking airflow. They will still turn upwards and stretch during flower and you have not got enough vertical space.
My idea is admittedly crazy as hell but what options do you have?

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@HMGRWN she just need btw 4 to 5 weeks in any case she get more tall btw that weeks always is a method to let you plant do they flowering and is outdoor went is sunny and in the house went is raining I don’t think so she get problems if she don’t get light went is raining autos something dont need ligth to grow that my opinion in case she get more steroids lmao

Uhhh i might be high (who am I kidding of course im high!)… but did u say they dont need light to grow? Lol

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Yes, you can very well grow an autoflower indoors without lights . These plants love to stand on the windowsill in front of the window or in the conservatory. In any case, choose a sunny spot. A window sill or conservatory facing south is preferable.

By a bank of seed is a lot that we don’t know or ppl have they ways to do like germination seed I read a lot of ppl said don’t let you seed soak for too long and the ILGM bank said soak you seed for 72 hr

In a window sill??! You do know walls face one direction correct? So at more… 4-6 hours of direct sunlight a day? Thru a window…

Thats going to be one leggy stretchy larfy plant.

And as to the 72 hour thing there are more then one way to skin a cat. Some growers dont germinate specifically. Just toss dry seed into wet dirt. Some do 24 in water. Some do 72….

Some use rockwool. Some peat pods. Some in hydroton balls. Some solo cups of soil. Some whole friggin final pots…

Not tryna be argumentative man. But ur coming off pretty rude my dude. No need to bold or post about counterpoints. Or puff out ur chest man…

Just here to help….

Also ull need alot more then 4-5 more weeks… i could literally barely see pistils. Ur about 9-10 weeks away from harvest.

If u dont want my input or assistance just say so. Ill kindly exit stage left.

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@PurpNGold74 not we good bro thanks for advise

And my plants are sour diesel autos and she is 47 days is 6 weeks and 4 days, she pistill on day 30 around 4 o 5 weeks from seedling, this stain re 10 weeks maybe more o less but my plant maybe be ready in 11 o 12 weeks so I’m in week 6 to 7 I have left 4 to 5 weeks to harvest again I’m in autoflower not photos