Uptade in my sour d autoflower

Hy I’m in week 4 of my autos I just need to know how she look

And I move my 1 week old to outdoor cuz I need space in my tent I’m in preflowering stage and I see is not enough so I take outside for the leaf 1 o 2 week

This is my 4 week old I don’t know if she healthy cuz the flowers look like sad

And this is my little bby 1week old

I need any advice about if she be good outside for one or two weeks


As long as it doesn’t get too cold.

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I see the weather and Is just get down temp at night but it is 45 f

@Budz how you see the preflowering

@Covertgrower Mr. Any advice from you magesty

Looks fine to me. Don’t grow autoflowers, but if it was a photo I would’ve already removed the larger fans blocking bud sites. I know autos are much more touchy than photos though.

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@Budz I read that don’t removed the fan leaf in auto cuz they take all she need from that leaf that’s why I’m try to don’t defoliate a lot some time 2 o 3 leaf

Keep your eye out for bugs and critters if you’re moving outside too

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Yeah I’m watching for any reason

Autos are more finicky but i still strip them down like photos. If u watch when buds form then itll look like a stall for a few days of nothing thats when u wanna strip them down. Its like 3 days at most and ull not even know u stripped them down.

Yeah and I look at it as surface area. Old big leaves cover up many small leaves means there’s less surface area for photons to be absorbed. Beyond what little penetrates. Many argue that leaves don’t compete with eachother on a single plant for light. But a bunch of small leaves would have 10x more surface area for absorbtion than one large leaf. So while they don’t compete. The plant can use more photosynthetic energy since it’s absorbing more.