Update in my auto Sour D from ILGm

I just update my variagate girl she get in tomorrow to her for 4 weeks I’m in love with her she 1’f by 16" is crazy how big she get and leaf biggg

Just ask can I move to 18/6 or 12/12 I’m in 20/4


Is this a photoperiod plant or auto?

@LiesGrows auto stain

Id switch to 18/6 personally plants need a rest period even autos even tho they can take 20-24hr of light still good for them to have a good rest

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@LiesGrows I’m in 20/4 so I have another auto in seedling stage so my variagate she starts pistil

Maybe I should move to 18/6 to the last 6 week

Over all its up to you autos run just fine on 18/6 and 20/4 so you can continue youre rest of youre grow how it is now

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Light going off 7am be back a 11 am

If thats what ya want sure haha I just think 18/6 is more of a happy medium for light to rest 4hr imo is cutting it short for rest but thats just me like I said over all you can continue how you are as is it all comes down to personal preference in the end


@LiesGrows I just said that’s my schedule lmao but yes I’m think to go 18/6 a soon the seedling plant hit her first week that is go to be in 3 days but thanks for recommend I just go to be watching went light go off cuz my temperature and humidity meter was said humidity was 99% on light off but my meter die today so I buy other one online

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