40 day old autoflower shes looked like this for weeks

Shes 40 days old i switched her to a 12/12 cycle 7 days ago now. Her sister started flowering at 4 weeks. Does she look like shes ready? Lol


Ready for what?

The party ofcourse lol. Im assuming she will turn white shes had the yellow pistol look for weeks hasnt changed.

Stretch can be a couple weeks. Looks good. Nature does her own schedule.

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Out of curiosity why did you switch to 12/12 if autoflower? Did you switch and then crank up light intensity to make up less hours?

I switched to 12/12 from a 18/6 trying to force her into flower thinking maybe i received a photo seed instead. Now both plants are stuck on a 12/12 in the process. Definitely wasnt my original plan.

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Ok thanks she looks healthier then her sister. Shes having all kind of issues which has me scratching my head ive followed the same schedule for watering nutrients and all. Just flushed her hoping she survives. Shes a 9 inch tall runt that looks like shes been beaten with a baseball bat.


She is flowering now. It’s just a waiting game from here.

Her approach was so different from the other exact auto seed. Just amazed. First grow so much to learn. Got the top branch scrogged trying to keep her level if possible

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