To plant or not to plant…

I soaked my seeds and had them in wet paper towel for almost three days. The had a very small tail but I didn’t want them to get waterlogged so I dropped them in some fox farm ocean forest. Will they still sprout? And how long before they do?

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Media should be damp not wet. Dome over the top, mist dome once above ground once a day and put under 24/0 lights.


Follow @Myfriendis410 advice and you’ll be fine


Soil is a little wet but, I have my six inch AC Infinity exhaust and the fan going so hopefully it dries the soil out some. I never had such a hard time getting them to break ground, sheesh! lol thank you tho


No more watering the soil tho! Just spray the domes!


Just be patient. I’ve had a couple take 5-7 days to emerge from the soil.

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Thank you! Patience is not one of my virtues lol


All I can do is wait and see what happens. I just hope putting them in paper and the slight overwatering hasn’t damaged the seeds, poor things :cry:

Did you water them directly at all during that time? Or did you just spray the domes?

I water to runoff every time the container is so light you can blow it over with your breath. So once a week or so. Otherwise just keeping the dome moist.

Got six that broke ground today brother!


So, I have some really good fox farm nutrients, when should I start?

When should I start giving them nutrients?

Got two of those Yeti going strong!

What is your medium (sorry if I missed it somewhere) are you using a FF soil too? Or what exactly is the brand or blend of your soil?

I’m using fox farm ocean forest

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And all my nutrients are Advanced Nutrients PH perfect and Coniosseur line with the tarantula and all that lol

Sorry, correction from earlier, it’s not ff nutes

With ocean forest you probably have around 3-4 weeks before the neuts in the soil run out, I used fox farm I didn’t feed any neuts until mid week 4 and started at 1/4 recommended doses, went to half recommended after about week 6, and continued that till I was about 2 weeks out from finishing

Pretty sure ocean forest has enough neuts for about the same amount of time, but I’ll let other make that final recommendation as I only have a single full grow under my belt lol

Here’s my first grow journal if you wanna read through it, my new journal I linked above

My first grow journal link