Dirt too Hot for seedlings indoor

I have a bag of Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting soil and 16 Qts Perlite. Was going to add 1/3 Perlite to Fox Farm soil.
Got my first seeds from I❤️GM autos Bruce B. Gorilla Glue, and Girl Scout. My seeds been soaking 24 hours following the I❤️GM way for germination.
I just read a couple of old post where someone claims Ocean Forest too hot to put seedlings in and suggests transplant seeds to like a potting soil in a hole the size of a Dixie cup in the pot with the Ocean forest. ???
Wasn’t planning on adding nutrients until 4 weeks after transplanting. What and when should I add ?
I am designing a PVC SCROD for each individual 3 gal. VIVOSUN pots . :thought_balloon: Thinking. 16x16 PVC frame for the first layer Scrod and the second layer 20x20 PVC frame? 4x4 plant doing 4 autos…
How high above the top of the pot should my first Scod be?

Thanks you guys are GREAT

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I am in a 4x4 tent doing 4 plants

Easy solution for you buddy. Take a gallon of that soil and flush it with 10 gallons of water, pH’d to 6.8. Use that for your seed starts.

I recommend adding perlite, absolutely. As for nutrients I can only recommend jacks. FF trio will work as well.

That being said I’ve seen a dozens of growers start seeds in OF with success.

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Started mine in ffof. waiting till week 5 before I start half dose ff trio. So far they look healthy. I think so anyway.


Heck yea I think they look good too. Nice deep green, hell yea you got me jazzed. I am like Super Pooper new at this but, I think green is good ?
My seeds going straight in FFOF.

Thanks Man !

Remember Green is Good!!!

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No problem im new grower too. Just got this new vivosun tent and these blue dream autos. Just kinda going day by day right now just giving them 6.5 ph water. I’ve grown a few outside and leme tell you these leaves in these are super fat compared to all the ones I’ve done outside in regular dirt. Loving the deep deep green. Might turn the lights up to 75% and raise em to like 24-26 inches soon.

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What size tent and lights your Green Ass Thumb using.

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Started mine in ffof
She’s getting chopped in about 30 minutes :grinning:


I grow outside I am going to LCI. Lebanon Correctional Institute. If I could grow outside I give a new meaning to a green grass lawn.
Until then I am stuck growing in the basement mixing soil and eating Pizza. Good bud and Pizza just like Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

Yea I think I just read about you. Your like most like or respected, congratulations… “there is wisdom in a multitude of Counselors”.

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Thanks for the compliment :grinning:

Could you define finicky? I thought autos were easiest ? I was getting the impression they are like trying to kill a Cactus by not watering it.
What do I have to be on the look out for, yellowing from fertilizer burning ?

Nothing wrong with your opinion, humble or not.

Hey do me a favor?

My new constantly in trouble new first grow stupid self did I leave anything out? Get in trouble with the first grow… Please, Pretty Please, come bail me out Mr. Peat. I’ll bring my chain saw over when it’s time to cut your weed down.
I am serious bail me out

I got a 4x4 vivosun and 2x vs1000s led lights i bought the kit with 1 light and figured 1 wasn’t enough for 4x4 so I stopped up another 1.

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Thanks I’ll be watching your progress. Good luck

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