Some advice wanted

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi Claire, i am baffled, every seed has germinated, with a tail sprouted
1/4" to 1/2". I then put them is soil about 1/4" under the soil. Out of
7 seeds only 2 have come out of the soil. I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest
for soil. They are in an AgroMax tent with 400w bulb about 36" above the
soil. HELP!

You didn’t say how long that they were placed in soil. Some times it can take up to 4 or 5 days. Don’t over but keep them moist they will pop through.


I don’t know much about Fox Farm Ocean soil, but from what I understand and have heard it is probably too hot, or the nutrient concentration in it is too strong for seeds. You want to start seeds in a seedling mix so as not to burn them, and then when they develop 3- 5 alternating nodes and full leaves, indicating a healthy and vigorously growing root system, you can transplant then into something like Fox Farm Ocean soil.

I have been growing for 10 years and have used ocean forest from beginning to end. I have purchased seeds from Attitude seed bank and marijuna seeds .com and have neve run across this problem. Thought i would try ILGM because of the free shipping. 2 out of 10 is not very good. I believe i have gotten bad seeds. Tom

Above, it clearly says every seed germinated. That means they were alive, growing and good until they were put in the soil. It sounds more like they dried up and died after they were in the soil, or as I said, maybe the soil was too hot, too nutrient rich and it killed them. Also sometimes soil can stay too wet and drown a seed.

Thanks for the advise, i hope you are right and will be more careful, when my next seeds are delivered. Tom

Ocean Forest is way too hot for seedlings. I use seed starter soil. Once the seedling is up to 4 nodes, I transplant into Ocean Forest. Never a problem. Every seed from ILGM.

Thanks, have always used it without a problem. But will take your advise.

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