No seedling has sprouted

Hi I had taproot on 5 seeds and planted then in fox farm ocean and it’s been a week today sunday and not one has sprouted. I planted about 3/4" down. This is my 2nd grow my first 4 did great. What can I do? Help.

I usually put my germinated sprouts in seed starting soil. Then transfer into something ocean forest or Happy Frog later. Just my thoughts good luck


Same here… seedlings don’t need much. Especially auto flowers. I planted some autos directly into fox farm happy frog and some of the autos had a rough few first weeks. Since then when I fill up my outdoor pots all the way then I dig the center out and replace the middle soil with potting soil without any amendments added. This way when the plants get big enough and the roots can reach the outside later of soil they can begin to pull nutes from the soil.


Thank you mine are inside a tent. I just got done with a harvest and planted more. I sent a comment to the seed bank I ordered from.

Thank you I might just need to do that too. I just harvest some and starting a new harvest.

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My opinion ocean Forest it’s too hot to put germinated sprouts in , I think Happy Frog would probably be okay. I use Fox Farm Light Warrior or black gold seed starter soil, for seedling. Either one is a good product.


Thank you so much for that information. I think I need happy frog then :sleepy: pretty bummed right now


They might have been overwatered and the roots just rotted? You’ve got nothing to lose if you just leave them for another week or so without water.

Good luck.

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Time to start the investigation. Start slowly pulling the soil from the hole to see what’s going on. I’ve had a few try and grow down. Just turned them around and they did just fine.


If there’s that much soil to grow through, it’s no wonder their taking time to breakthrough. Don’t overwater and you’ll be fine in another week/10 days time.


Probably not a good idea at this stage.

After 7 days? If I don’t get a sprout in 5 I’m digging in there to see what’s going on.


@doggiedeb-1956 I know this doesn’t help your current situation but I went from the paper towel to a solo cup to 5gal pot in happy frog and they broke ground within 3 days and never had a problem as far as that went. Some advocate OF soil in the bottom and dig a spot out around the top and put happy frog there. Haven’t tried it but if anyone can confirm this it would not make you feel the OF soil was wasted at least? Hope you see them soon!

I am a newbie as well, just starting a small second grow, this time in Coco. First grow were three White Widows Photos and three White widows Autos. They were started in paper towels and All were germinated in HF with no issues. Once transplanted, they went into a 50/50 mixture of HF and OF, with the OF in the bottom half. My thoughts were to let the roots grow into the hotter soil. The Autos are done, the photos still going. They needed no nutes, other than Cal-Mag for quite a while.

I pulled some and couldn’t find anything. Grrrr

Thank you thank you

I did that today monday, cant find anything on all 5. Grrr

Thank you I did today monday spread off some of the top and found nothing on all 5. So I put a small amounts of water and wait again. Grrrrr.

My pleasure

Copy me in when you spot the first bump in the surface of the soil.The next day your new born baby seedling will appear.

I could do with some good news.

Stay lucky


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