Seedlings having issues when planted in Ocean Forest soil

From a fellow grower: Strain lsd and green crack
Fox farm ocean forest soil


Ocean Forest is pretty heavily amended and not generally recommended for seedlings. Some of the strange growth will dissipate as they get stronger.

Most of those little ladies are ready for transplant. It looks as though some of them may have been overwatered.


Ocean forest is a hot soil but iv never had it affect any seedling, I think the main problem is the lack of room those roots have and they look like they have gotten very dry a few times. They are ready for a bigger container!

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I would not use Styrofoam to start seeds in. Soil needs to drain. Seedling do not like wet feet. Transplant to friendlier containers. You can use ocean forest in the bottom and sides but give the transplant a gentler mix like happy frog to plant into.