Fox farm ocean forrest nutrient replenish

I have a simple question that I feel like this logically would work but would like to make sure, I’m using fox farm ocean forest but don’t have nutrients yet to add to my plants if needed, would mixing some new FFOF soil with water and watering plants with it add back depleted soil nutrients just like that or would that be too inneficient?


You can but first off; maybe you don’t need to. Can you put up a picture of the plant in natural light so we can see it? And list the conditions, lighting, etc.

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I have 5 seedlings, they don’t necessarily need anything at the moment I just wanted to know if that would work as a just in case scenario.


I think there are any number of inexpensive dry nutrients you could use: look at ‘Grow More’: they have a line of two for grow and flower that is, well, dirt cheap haha.


From what I understand foxfarms soil has enough nutrients to last a couple months

Yes fox farms ocean forest will feed at least 6-8 weeks

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I have a question on the fox farm dry soluables neuts for flowering. I have not been able to find out how to use them other than when to use on their schedual.IE: just dump in with the other neuts in my gallon of water, do they dissolve right away or do I have wait some time?

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Yes just put them in with your other nutrients and water and they dissolve pretty quickly. I might let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes to make sure they dissolve But it’s really not necessary

Thanks I get anal some times. I’m hoping they work as well as they claim. The treo seemed to do very nice last grow so I figured I’d ad the 3 dry if for no other reason than I can. LOL

You’re very welcome anytime! This is my third round with him and I really like them. I noticed a difference the first round when I use them. I think you’ll be happy with them!

That’s good to hear.

Bought some good seed this time and trying to make them count.

She looks great! Very nice and healthy!