Foxfarm the whole grow

When I was in my local grow store lady told me I could use Fox farm then to Ocean forest and not need to add any nutes. Anyone who does this that can give feedback?

I’m a newb, so it might be better to get another opinion. The only way I can see this working is topping the soil with new soil during flowering. My plants used up the nutes in the soil by day 42.

Might be an idea :thinking:

FFOF is good for a couple weeks on their own but you’ll need to add fertilizer at least by the time they get their first set of true leaves. I start seedlings in FFOF and then begin to water with 1 tbs. liquid seaweed and 5ml molasses per gallon of water. After transplanting I use a super soil with FF as the base so I can’t imagine how FFOF is enough on it’s own. If you only use Foxfarm the soil will collapse eventually. It’s not enough for a whole grow.

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I’m just started week four in two parts happy frog to one part ocean forest. My little ladies are over a foot tall and around 20" wide. I haven’t had to add anything but calmag. I gave them their first dose of nutrients yesterday at 1/4 strength. Ocean forest will carry you a long way, but won’t get you across the finish line. You WILL need to add nutrients at some point.