To Flower Or Not To Flower?

I am currently on day 72 since planting the Blue Dream seeds. The front 2 plants are growing strong and the back 2 or slowly growing. I assume it’s due to the lack of lighting. A buddy of mine said I should wait longer before flowering. Not sure if I should wait or send them into flowering anyways. Also I’ve seen people online defoliating their plants before going into flower. I already cut majority of the bottom of the plants. Do I need to cut any higher?

So ur growing photoperiod plants is that right if so do more training with ur plants and let them go for abit longer before changing to flower

Yes they are photoperiod plants. I’ve heard about training before, but don’t know what that means.

The best thing i can tell you is to look on YouTube at lst training and you will see how to do it its not to late to train them specially if there still in veg stage

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How tall is your tent vs how tall your plants are? You may want to flip soon if you’re halfway up the tent - they will stretch and you’ll have a whole new problem if you wait too long.

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Appreciate the help! Just watched a video on it and understand it a bit more. Definitely going to try to train them a bit.

I’m working with around 7 feet high. I’m debating on flipping to flower because my plants in the back are not as tall as the two I have in front. The two in front are pretty tall. This is a picture of the tallest one.

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Oh man. If you feed them what they ask… at that age. You are in for the fight of the century…

Check mine if you don’t believe it. Granted only one of these two went out of control. But they where both smaller than yours when flipped.


Thats good to hear im glad i can help you have fun

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Yeah I might have no choice, but go into flower right now and not wait for the back plants to catch up. I had to tie the big plant a little because it’s getting close to the light.

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A couple of things. First I would tighten the net so you can weave the tall ones into the net. Another, take a look (youtube) at supercropping. That is pretty much what you will have to do to the tall ones. Believe me, don’t let the run a ways control the light. The rest of your plants will suffer and pay for it.
These aren’t quite supcropped but I put a good bend into them

Weave them through the net to keep the canopy as level as you can

Here is a supercropped stem (upper center) and the use of tie downs

A couple weeks later. Into their flower stretch

I have not done a lot of scrogging. The idea is straight forward. Do what you gotta do to keep the canopy even. This provides the best light distribution across all of the plants / canopy.

Good luck