Tips on drying and curing

Hey gang! Been away a minute! Hope you’re all well!
2 weeks into flower on my third grow. Had to take some time for life issues.

With 2 under my belt of the same strain and 2 different result (both good but different) id like to find some consistency in the process.
First time I hung the buds in dark sealed tent with small fan on low not blowing on the material until the buds were at 11% moisture content the bagged them.

Second time did the same but added a duct fan on low to control the smell but it dried too quickly. And i used the moisture meter on the stem instead of the bud. (Don’t recommend that btw)

I do all of my growing and drying in my attic that has spay foam insulation in the rafters so not too bad. But can’t control temp independently of my house and it’s usually 5 to 10 degrees hotter up there so i keep it cold in my house lol. Lights off during hottest part of the day
So im curious about things you guys do while drying and curing that you believe is making the difference for you in your unique grow situation

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Cant control heat in my dry routine, only find better place to dry.

I dry in a 3x3 tent. Easier to control humidity and temp.

Consistency in environment is key to a consistent end product. Anything you can do to keep your environment stable will help a lot. Ideally you want temps below 68 degrees to preserve all the volatiles and humidity between 50-60% RH to get a slow consistent dry inside and out. Do you put lights on your drying plants or just your growing ones?. Those are your basic requirements. The closer you can get to those numbers the better time you will have. I built an insulated closet next to a window with an A/C unit in it. In the cold months I have to have a heater in there as well. I also use both humidifiers and dehumidifiers to maintain the RH. I use between 4 and 8 small fans to circulate air around the plants and a larger oscillating fan below them to circulate air around the heating, cooling and humidity equipment. The only time I introduce fresh air is when I go in to check on everything 2-3 times a day or if the dehumidifier can’t keep up. It took a few years to put it all together and it’s still a work in progress, but hopefully that gives you some ideas to work off of.

I guess i assumed that no light was preferred. Stuff seems to degrade in light.

Darkness is the way. Sorry, I was responding to several post at a time an got mixed up.

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