First Harvest. Dry Room Conditions?

Hello, I’m quite excited to finally harvest my first plants. I chopped them both yesterday and have them hanging in my spare tent. But in doing some research I have come across quite a large range for dry room conditions (anywhere from 50-75 degrees and 40-60% RH) so I was just curious what people here like to aim for as an ideal range?
Sorry if this has been covered before. I just like to make sure I’m getting the right information. Especially at this stage.

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Slow is better when drying (up to a point). 10 days is perfect. Based on that, you can manipulate the conditions you can to achieve that. I live in a fairly benign climate but it can swing either way; usually when I’m drying plants haha. I like 50% RH with temps in the upper 60’s and have some moving air across the plant material. Inspect and rotate as necessary. Do NOT go by the “stem snap” as it will be too dry. I picked up a couple of small hygrometers to monitor the drying and will place the plant material into a sealed tote with the hygrometer and determine my moisture content that way. 62% is generally considered dried. Jar with a Boveda Pack and start your cure.


Oh nice I’m currently trying to keep it between 48-53% and just under 70 degrees if I can to avoid the “extremes” so sounds like I’m pretty close. I never would have thought to check the buds that way though. That’s a great idea. Thank you :slight_smile:

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I dry for about five days then jar up. I use jars I made with RH meters in the lid.

This takes out the guess work and lets me cure for as long as I like. when I hit 62 percent, I toss in a Boveda pack and call it good. A month later and the bud is just where I like it.
The meters are pretty cheap and easy to mount in a mason jar lid with a Dremel tool with cutting wheel. Takes about 15 minutes.


Yeah, I may have to try that since I have nothing but free time. Just at that point I don’t know when you’d trim and jar them? granted it’s only day 2. Also just curious what smells are normal during the drying process? I feel like that’s my stupidest question yet but I just like to keep an eye (or nose) on everything. I didn’t know if it goes straight to dank or if it has any other normal aromas throughout the process? I’m doing a dry trim so still has a few leaves left. I didn’t know if that would effect the smell any. not that it’s bad it just doesn’t smell quite the way they did before I chopped them.

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Not a stupid question at all !! There will be a “hay” smell at first. Different strains have variations of smells from dank to sweet.
Your real threat is mold and mildew so keep an eye out for that. Rarely is a problem if you keep airflow in the room with a fan, (not directly on the buds), and keep it dark so chlorophyll will start to degrade / dissipate. It takes around a month for a decent cure even after RH levels are correct for jarring. The smell develops into the great weed smell when the bud is properly aged.
Above I should have mentioned that after putting in jars, I still “burp” until RH is stable at 62 percent.