Tinture how long does it take to feel it

Hello im kinda curious as to what type of affects you all get from your tinture . I decarbed and used the heat method I used 1 ml of it and I’m not sure if I was stoned or didn’t get a good night’s rest but I was sleepy as hell after about 8 hours of sleep I used it about 3 hours before I went to bed. My main question is how long does it take to feel the effects of it.


not real long,i take caps and they work in about an hour…i would think tinture would get in quicker…maybe up the dose some?


Tincture should hit within minutes. It’s akin to smoking a creeper strain.

How did you administer it? I’ve found tinctures work fastest if used sublingually.


I put in in my cheek and swallowed it when i felt a burn a few seconds later

Hold it there or under your tongue for at least 30 seconds. I know it burns, but it’s for a good cause.

Next time, allow some alcohol to evaporate off. It’ll thicken up & taste much better.

Oh ok thanks can i cook it more to evaporate some of it or is it too late

It’s not, but passive evaporation is better than cooking it off.

Well i tried it again and let it sit under tongue with 1ml and it was like having a couple puffs thanks

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Right on! Now you can take a few drops, instead of a few puffs.

When you swallow it right away, the effects are like edibles.

Hey BTB,
I made tincture with 7 plus grams of decarbs buds, and 1.5 cup 190 proof grain alcohol.
Shook it twice a day for four days, and strained through yogurt strainer.
I diluted it 50/50 with distilled water, and it burns like hell under the tongue.

I wouldn’t have diluted it. If you allow most of the alcohol to evaporate off it, leaving you a liquid with a watery honey texture, it burns significantly less.

You can still evaporate off much of the alcohol, but with the water added it will take extra time. If you use heat to evaporate it, be careful to use warm/low temps only, so you don’t burn the oils off.

Next time, only use enough solvent to just barely cover your chopped bud OR use 1 gram bud to 1 fluid oz solvent.

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Oh well, live and learn. next time.

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You can still evaporate off the liquid. All is not lost. Just pop the lid off and let it sit open for several days.

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Thanks. I’ll do that.

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