Qwet high vs smoke

Hi all and i guess this has been asked before but sesrch didn’t help. So i have trim, mostly popcorn buds to make a qwet tincture.

I love smoke but don’t like the edible high very much. So the simple question is how similar is a tincture high to a really good vape or smoke high. Did enough psychedelics in my youth that i don’t need that intensity now.

I understand there are many variables to the potency of tincture

The difference is edibles have to pass through the liver and be processed and make it to the bloodstream before you feel the high. Doesn’t matter what form the THC is in before it goes thru that process. So any form of THC that goes through digestion will be pretty much the same. That’s why edibles are not strain specific. The high from edibles is all pretty much the same no matter the strain.
Smoking, because of the high temperature, will always be much different from eating.
So tinctures if ingested are not really any different other than any other edible.


Thanks. But im asking a put sublingual which may be closer to sm

It isnt

Thanks and sorry about my previous cryptic text. Thought i finished those words

Factually untrue at least about it not being strain specific edible chips i make from seperate strains( by rosin pressing the rosin into the chip) preserves the terps and other cannibinoids and definitely has alrernate effects depending on strain of bud pressed


You are correct.
I just didnt do enough research.


Well i did the qwet tincture. Had to use 151 grain alcohol as 190 not available.

A bust for me. Zero effects on me. No discernible high. Bummer

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Did you decarb the bud first?
Sorry if i missed it in the thread

Yep. Decarbed. Tried Emily’s technique. Using 1/2 ounce popcorn buds. 1st time no effects. So tried overnight in freezer. Golden this time. Nada. Now I’m gonna try a few days and see how it goes. Never had issues with canna bidder but so far this is a waste of time and bud

Sublingual is tough
Buccal absorption is not very efficient and i question if it is the best method of ingesting
Folks end up swallowing most of the tincture
I think you need to ramp up the potency by reducing the tincture so enough thc gets absorbed
Maybe an oral spray
Used an oral spray several times myself

Also 151 is less than ideal
Look into Culinary ethanol

Sometimes you can get this shipped or it may be carried by a restaurant foods distributor

I think the 151 was the weak link
I use 190 Everclear but i know its a pain to get

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Thanks. I was worried about the 151. I don’t like edibles as i prefer the smoke or vape high. Was hoping the tincture would be like a middle ground and allow for some discrete use in my illegal state.

May try the 200 strength but may just give up. No point if the buzz sucks or is nonexistant

This is an infused coconut oil
Once you get your method down making potent edibles is not a problem

If you reduce your tincture be careful
151 has a fair amount of water

Good luck

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If you have a pressure cooker you can make very potent butter

I used this as transfer leach solution for percolating weed in the ISOMIZER-2, condensed into oil-sludge, and recoated leaf, for pipe/bong smoking.
It was the 70’s, I was younger then.

That is interesting. Wouldn’t the percentage of THC in the strain make some difference? I’ve noticed that a Harlequin edible doesn’t even give forth a flutter whereas AK-47 will send me right into la-la land.

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% of THC will make a difference, yes. But the strain you consume not so much.
That’s why edibles typically don’t have a strain listed on them. Just the mg of THC.
Some people claim they can tell a difference between strains when consuming them but Its debatable.
I think more research will be done once its federally legal.


OK, that makes sense. So AK-47 and White Widow will probably be indistinguishable in an edible (similar THC), but different in the smoke.

I’m still learning to smoke, but it is a slog. Still, this plant is probably at its best in the pipe or the joint.

Maybe. I used good strains. New grow is godfather og and Bruce banner photos. Both strong so will try again

Suppositories are not processed by the liver. Have fun :+1:

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