Tincture is funny

Man it’s funny stuff. I had it in a jar for a week and it didn’t do much, now as it has reached the 2 week mark I just tried 5 drops worth and it’s packing quite a punch!


How do you make your tincture @Fever?

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I decarb ground up cannabis and put in a mason jar with grain alcohol. I accidentally over cooked one of the batches well not really just cooked it too high a temp for a few minutes but no adverse results.
Put in dark place and shake vigorously every day or so. It went from green to dark green then it’s done.
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Maybe these gents have a better method?


I think my problem was I didn’t let it sit after. I’m going to have to give it another go. But I gotta say I don’t think I can do the grain alcohol again. It’s just nasty tasting.

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If you let it sit long enough you don’t need much so taste isn’t an issue


I bought raspberry, coconut and peppermint extract at the grocery store and I’m making flavored viles for friends and medical patients


@Fever, Hey we’re friends aint we?? I think when I get enough bud I will try that. I am not a fan of grain alcohol, but your flavorings sound like the perfect remedy for that.


@Fever So, you decarb it, grind it, and let it sit in grain alcohol add flavoring then do a shot?

No after it’s done (2 weeks in jar shaking every day) youndtrainnit through cheesebcloth then coffee filter then put it in comes and add a few drops of your favorite flavored extract.

Understand the purpose for decarb, and you may answer your own questions.

Decarb converts the THC into something your body can absorb.’

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Dude in Super Troopers eats an ounce of weed - results are 100% Hollywood.

He eats the hash (decarbed) - different story.

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@Fever I guess I missed the drain and strain part… thanks for that.

Not a fan of everclear but if it only takes a few drops I could put that in a shot of Jack and pop all gone

Hey @Fever , can we get the exact recipe, amounts of cannabis, is that amount before or after decarboxylation?, amount of everclear, etc? That would be awesome of you

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I use a 1/2 oz decarbed bud in a mason jar fill have way with grain alcohol. Put in dark place and shake vigorously every day for 2 weeks.

Color should be dark dark green

Filter trough cheese cloth and strain through coffee filter and fill viles that have light blocking glass. If you want addnflavored extract for taste.

To start 1 drop under tongue hold for 30 seconds or more, wait 30 min before deciding if you want a second drop then wait another 30 min


I saw a video that said you can shake for three minutes and it does the same thing as letting it sit for a week. It definitely makes it good, but letting it sit makes it even better.

I don’t add any flavor to mine – I like the way it tastes. I add two droppers full to a glass of milk and it tastes like dessert. Yum!

I think the key is to decarb it before you do any extraction. That converts all the THC-A to THC so it is psychoactive. THC-A does nothing for you, unless you smoke, vape, or bake it into THC.

And out lovely little “factories” are THC-A making machines, not THC so much. High Times ran experiments and says 110 C for 110 minutes.

Once you’ve done that you can make hash, extract with solvents, make tinctures, etc. I think the difference between solvent extraction and tinctures is that you let most of the solvent evaporated to get oil. With tinctures, you keep the solvent so it better be ethanol, or some edible oil. You could probably do a fine tincture with canola oil and then make salad dressing or mayonaise at the end!


I personally like the taste as well

Again it’s funny because I took 5 drops earlier and held under my tongue but not for long or some came out into my mouth and eventually swallowed.

2 hours later I didn’t damsel much then took 5 drops but held it and breathed out (it burned) of my mouth for thirty seconds.

Now I just started to get hit petty hard… isn’t that weird? So I don’t think a few drops in a drink will get you where I am

I suspect putting some drops in your mouth and then breathing in the fumes would be a lot like vaping. It will be interesting to experiment. I’ve got a whole paper sack of dried leave here to fool around with.

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I use 100 proof Vodka for mine.

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