Tincture differences

Hello everyone,
Very new at making edibles. Could someone provide some info on the various uses of making tinctures with alcohol, Glycerin or oil? What’s the best uses for each I guess??

Thank you

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You may find this thread helpful. I’ve done ethanol extractions, but that’s about it.


What I particularly are you interested in making?

I’ve made an Alcohol tincture. I used an ounce of good bud chopped and enough everclear to cover the bud. Shook it a few times a day for a few days and strained it off. Pretty good stuff. The stuff at the dispensary was way better. Two drops was lights out for me.

The more alcohol present in your wash, the weaker it will be by virtue of dilution. Alcohol boils at a much lower temp than water. So put it in a double boiler and let the alcohol cook off a bit and it will be stronger. I wouldn’t cook it all the way unless you have another product in mind. be sure not to do this over open flame lol

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I made a tincture using trim from a plant i grew and 46%abv rum i put the trim in a 200ml bottle filled with rum shook it around a d stuck in tge back of my freezer for a few months then strained it a single shot of it has me feeling nice

Alcohol tinctures are popular for their potency and quick absorption. It can be added to various types of edibles, such as beverages, candies, and baked goods. Due to their potency, alcohol tinctures can be easily measured for precise dosing, making them a good choice for individuals who want to control their dosage accurately.

Glycerin tinctures are made by extracting compounds using glycerin, which is a sweet, thick, and syrupy substance. Can be used for sweet edibles like cbd gummies and candies.

Oil-based tinctures are made using fats or carrier oils (such as coconut oil or olive oil) to extract compounds from the plant material. Best suited for cooking, baking, also for making for making topical products such as balms and salves.

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