Tincture is the way to go

After years of smoking I started growing. With times between harvest I wanted to make sure I never ran out. Started to vape and really like it but my new love is to squeeze some tincture into some orange juice and in 30 min I am GOOOOD. Much better at pain relief and last much longer while keeping my head clear. Lots of ways to make it. I used the cold method. Started with a small batch and ended up with 2fl oz. I am now on another batch that will give me 6 more oz once I reduce the alcohol by 50%. That’s about a 3 month supply and I still have plenty of bud. Still like a good joint before bed just to make it easier to fall asleep.


Tincture is wonderful.

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What is your small batch recipe

Yes, do share!

Half once ground bud. Decarbed and placed in jar. Everclear 191 poured in to the top of the flower. Place in freezer and shake 3 times a day for 5 days. Strain then evaporate half the alcohol. I place my jar in a crockpot of water on high for a few hours. Then just put in amber dropper bottle. You can use trim as well. Just takes more of it to get the same quality.


I have stopped all other meds and I am much better off mentally and physically.

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How much tincture do you put in your orange juice?

About 10 drops. Don’t really measure. Don’t have the patience lol.

Could you do the same with a double boiler on a gas stove? How do you know when you’ve reached “maximum output”? What sort of strain do you use?

I wouldn’t do it on a gas range. It’s putting off flammable fumes as it reduces down. Any strain will work. The stronger the better.

What happens to the other half, are you ingesting it? Everclear, thc and orange juice should make one killer screwdriver. Is your crockpot electric in order to prevent explosions? Sounds interesting. We buy cbd oil online which is kinda expensive ( and illegal in Belgium), tinctures might be a better alternative.