Cannabis tinctures

Does anybody have a recipe for cannabis tincture, I know I can use food grade alcohol alcohol mix it with the flour and then let the alcohol strain an evaporate. Somebody said mix the alcohol with the flower put it in the freezer for an overnight the next morning strain it then evaporate it. Last you add coconut oil. Hopefully this might work but does anybody have a better recipe.

I live in a state that allows everclear, that is what I use. I let some of the alcohol evaporate ( just enough to stay fluid) and store it is a blue-colored eye dropper in my fridge. I will add it to a beverage (coffee) or sublingual when I use. It tastes pretty rough premixed but provides a little extra warmth layer to coffee.


Either make honey where I Put a bunch of leaf in the cheese cloth And put it in a crock pot with low with honey. Real low and I have to decarb it too before I put it in there. It is great when you use honey Or butter or coconut oil. Coconut oil is real solid like lard when it knocks down it melts down at a very high temperature Without burning


I keep the everclear in the freezer, pour it over the buds that are broken. Up in the mason jar, pour in just enough to soak and shake the f(@$ out of it for a few minutes then strain it. If you let it evaporate the alcohol really far (like the consistency of molasses) then you have RSO.

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What next?

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Do I have to decard it 1st

Yes. In a well temped oven. Then soak the decarbed bud in everclear. While the bud is in the oven put the everclear in the freezer. Wait for the buds to cool to room temp then soak, Shake, and strain. For a tutorial on decarbing , this is a good one.

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Ive got good results with grain after i grind and heat green in oven i put in mason jar in dark closet for month shake dailies reduce after straining with cheese cloth and vice couple drops on toothpick and enjoy but yes nasty taste

Go large!

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And for about 600$ you can get a alcohol reclamation machine and reuse the same bottle of alcohol like 6-10 times and make slightly harsh dabs( to make it less harsh youd have to do lipid seperations)

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Lipid seperations ill have to google that always like playing uncle fester