Tincture-first try

@emgoldslo the first method is what I had in my chocolate bear recipe. If you research it, those are the two basic ways of tempering. There are some others but these are the most common. Note if you use milk chocolate it shouldn’t get heated past 105 the first round and 85-87 the second round of heat.

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Thanks @Caligurl Will be doing a batch of milk chocolate and possibly white chocolate once I’m low on my current stash of gummies.

Really trying to save some $$ for the Source to make things easier/quicker. Waiting for your reviews :slight_smile:

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It’s going to be here today! I was excited to use it but I also ordered the Buchner Filter kit and it arrived yesterday and the glass was shattered into tiny shards… they are supposed to ship me a new one today.


I read that. I had a tear in my eye for you.

And now I’m jealous because I have some filtering right now over a coffee filter.

Nice and slow. And I want to triple filter because the flower has been in the everclear for about 3 weeks.

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So, I ended up with about 4g’s of the RSO oil. I took melting chocolate and melted it in a double boiler and added about 2g’s to it. Made about 50 little gem shaped chocolates. I estimated about 30 mg per piece, if I had done the decarb correctly. I believe I did, one little bite of chocolate and you feel it.
I will say though, that the taste is not the best, I taste the chocolate, but the oil taste is strong…did I add too much to it?

Thanks everyone

@Caligurl. Bummer! I feel for you.

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@emgoldslo Let me know how your extract turns out. For my side business I extract for at least a week - but they are other plant materials that are brought up in different carriers.

@JaneQP I have extracted this way before. Long before I learned about QWET.

First couple times I didn’t even filter. Gummies tasted like plants. Last batch with a long wash was filtered twice and had no plant taste at all!

I made my neighbor some 100 MG gummies. Even filtered there was so much extract in the mix that it had a plant taste.

Better of doing a double QWET. From my understanding letting it soak doesn’t do anything but extract plant material.

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@emgoldslo. Thank you! My clients want all that plant material (not MJ plants).

When I get to harvest I’ll try the QWET method and try some of @Caligurl ‘s recipes.


When I do a QWET I filter twice.

When I do a long wash I filter 3,4 sometimes 5 times. Until the coffee filter isn’t full of plant material.


.when you leave any alcohol in the quiet you will taste the tincture… My tubby liked my edibles way more once I evaporated it down to wax

Why do they want the plant material?

@Caligurl. I am sorry. I wasn’t very clear. I receive product processed from a patented process. They want a long extraction time and minimal filtering. Can’t say much because of the non-disclosure agreements.

LOL - you do what the money says you to do.

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Got my new “shake - shake” machine because I forget. www.rotatinc.com