Betty's Source Turbo Experiments

Hey, potheads! I decided to make a thread to share my experience using the Source Turbo Extractcraft.

I just got it in the mail, yesterday:

I will post my experiments, hints/tips, and reviews for the Source, here.


I’ve downloaded the owner’s manual and installed the app. I have a quart of 190 proof alcohol in the freezer.

My first runs through the Source will be:

  1. Doing a second processing of THC trim; first process was 11 days ago, after which the strained green material was frozen. I am running this through again because I didn’t have cheesecloth to properly wring out all the good stuff, so I know there’s more in there.

  2. While that’s going, I’m going to decarb 4 oz of Casino Cookies CBD trim, then freeze it for several hours. By then, the first run should be done and I can strain the CBD and start processing it through the source.

I am hoping that by the end of today, I have another 2fl.oz of THC tincture and at least 6fl.oz of CBD tincture.


Thanks for posting your results, I have bookmarked this for future reference.
I look forward to more information as you experiment.

When I have recovered from the huge investment in growing equipment, I may get one of these.


Buchner filter will help. Oh and make sure the cracks on the inside of tank don’t start to run down the middle. I did but they sent a new one out so im happy, just keep and eye on it and have them replace before warranty is up.


I have one. I was very thorough in my research and purchasing, I hope.

Thanks for the tip.


Mine was a refub and I only had 30 days to tell them, they said they’re out but would sent one out when reorder arrived. I got it in about a month :grinning: . They seem better made than the old one’s. @merlin44 they sell refubs for $399 that seem good as new.


Is this on their WEB site or some other outlet?


Watching this for sure! Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Following. I love experiments.


On the bottom of their product pages, they mention they sell imperfect ones at a deep discount. They’re tested and work well, but have cosmetic imperfections.


Sorry I suck,cant find them now. ill keep looking, mine was $426 shipped.

It’s begun!

The oven is preheated to 250. Gonna fill 2 jars with CBD trim (2oz total) and decarb for 50 minutes.


Make an adapter so you don’t need to holed the vac tube on with your hand " I just used a smaller piece of tubing in the vac line to filter"

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I already have that covered. There’s a little adaptor on my tubing. Thanks!


Okay, my 2nd run through of THC trim is now in the Source. It’s a bit green because it’s a 2nd process done over a week after the first, so everything has really broken down. I thought this would be a good thing to use my first time with the Source; if I screw it up, no big loss, really.

  1. Made tincture first
  2. Strained 3 times
  3. Put the goods into the Source (after elevation had been set), put my ice on the lid, and fired her up.

I haven’t messed with the app, yet. I will, eventually, but not today. The app will tell me vacuum pressure, temperature, and time remaining.


I lied. Here’s what the app tells me:


I must have put it on Turbo or something. It should actually have 3.5 hours to go out of a 4 hour normal cycle.


Nice i really like mine too


What do you all do with your goodies? I’m planning on CBD tincture and some vape carts, as well as some of the same with high THC herb.


Thanks @blackthumbbetty and @Member420 I will be able to find it now.

Keep the updates coming BB…