Think she is ready to go to 12/12?

I never topped the taller plant. She (hopefully) is about 50 days into veg. The smaller has heen topped and is 2 weeks behind. I am worried I am going to run out of vertical space if i dont do 12/12 now. O r should I top the taller one.
Thanks in advence for any input. The strain is gurilla glue. In a tent with FFOF and using dynagrow nutes

Depends on how tall your space is. You have to calculate that your plants will double or sometimes triple in size

Learning to train using Low Stress Training can help greatly with height


@lilbia420smoke When to flip depend on your grow space and how big you want them always top if you have vertical issues but your girl will Double in size in first 2 weeks of flower I hope that helps

These are pics from week 1 to week 3 and you will see what I mean.

And that’s only 3 weeks with me super Cropping Them I have to take a week 5 pic and show


@lilbia420smoke id get a piece of wire and bend the taller 1 over and tie it down with wire u just need to bend a hook shape at the height u want and hook it around the main stem id hook it 3/4 up the main stem and bend it down to half the height so all the lower nodes will become mains too then when they all take off trim off the lower branches that wont get any light and if its tricky to tie it onto the pot just put something heavy on the floor that u can tie it to eg a bottle of water 2L milk bottle works good

Well the tent is 36 x 36 x 72. Tall plant is about 2 1/2 ft. And about 1 month old. If I was to top the tall one now. How much can I take off the top. If I do, how much loner of a veg time am I adding on?
I am going to look into the LST.
Thanks for the info.

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