Topping in late stage of veg to make plant shorter so it don’t out grow tent and hit the light

Topping yer plant .i have been in veg mod for three minutes 3/ months and have let plants get to to talk and will out grow tent I’m pretty sure once I put th blooming light on .so topping the plants to all the approite height is what I’m going to try is this doable.

my tent is 2’4’5‘high tallest plant is 3’.they will hit the light I’m pretty sure if I don’t top them and then it will all b !@#$ed up I assume

Yeah, you are gonna be outta room, they’ll damn near double in size once you go 12/12. Only options I see is to top, supercrop and heavy lst


Might be a stupid question but can you move them outside?

I wish I could but don’t need the neighbors to see them .

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Tallguy…too bad you can’t move outdoors. Something to remember: The 12/12 shift to start flowering will also stretch the plants at minimum 1.5 times current height. It would have been best to start flowering 4 weeks ago.
For you this means more than 6’ tall plants. Much taller than your current grow tent. You could get a 80" tall grow tent, but will still have a clearance problem.
The possible solution is as suggested—LST.

Your Ladies do look so very plump and healthy.

Try lst before topping, you dont want to lose too many main colas.