First photo seed Grow

First photo seed grow for me. And growing in coco for the first time as well. Have a few soil/auto grows under my belt so not completely new but not far either.

I am in week 3 of flower after a 6 week veg. Really feels like I am going to run out of room in this one. I have about 12” left on the left plant. Wanted to get your thoughts and/or what can be done if anything.



It’s too late to top if you are at the 3rd week of flower. Read up about supercropping instead.


Time for a defoliation and agree with @MidwestGuy on super cropping :love_you_gesture:


Youre are what we like to refer too as screwed lol. You can remove your exhaust system and place ut outside the tent drawing air out. It will give you an extra 10 to 12" to let them stretch more. Supercropping is also an option as is some LST and major defolitation.


Thanks all. I did top twice during veg. Snapped a couple branches when let so that kinda forced me to veg two weeks longer for them to heal.
I will look into super cropping. On the defol, I honestly don’t know what to take off vs not and have yet to find a great guide that makes me feel like I got it. I’ll poke around now and see what I can find. None the less thanks for confirming what I suspected. Shoulda bought that extra tall gorilla tent instead of the ACInfin. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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That blue line id remove everything including buds below that line. If removing your exhaust is an option for you id do that prior to everything else to give you more head room and less youll have to remove from her.

This is a link to one of my current grows that has some LST examples that may come useful in the future. Tents are limited in height so this allows you to grow horizontal and get better lighting coverage without needing 10’ ceilings


Vertical growth should drastically slow down any day now

Thanks for input all. I went ahead and defiled a bit. Probably can still use some more but wanted to give her a few days and see how she is. Super cropped the tallest stalks as well. I’ll give it a week and see how she develops. Exhaust fan is still and option, like to leave it in tent if possible, but we’ll see how she develops.

Photos are a different beast than autos. Always read about em but now getting some RL experience with em.


Nice work on those Growmie :love_you_gesture:


Judging by the current flowers it looks like stretch is done or close. I think you would of been fine. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: good clean up though and the canopy is more even.