I’m thinking tomorrow for 12/12, anyone?

Well, today is the end of week 6 in veg for my feminized GG4 from ILGM. I’m thinking if I don’t flip the light soon, I’m gona outgrow my tent. What does everyone think?


How big is that tent?

We would need to know the height of your tent and the current height of your plant in the tent. Most the time you can expect your height to double in the stretching phase of flower. I typically like a month or 2 veg before flipping. If i go 2 months im dangerously close to my lights when its all said and done

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I always kept my gg like that. Can spreadem out and veg more or flip now. They dont get crazy tall. If you have a big spurt they take supercropping well.

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It’s an AC Infinity 36”x36”x72”, and she stands 30” tall right now from the floor. Forgot to mention that, sorry, duh moment!

Now is a perfect time. Worse case you just supercrop her in a few weeks if she wants to hit the lights. I do hear 8 wks as a pretty common flip date though.