Not sure exactly when to flip

GG4 photo for reference.

I’ve been told to flip when they have reached half the size of my tent because in flower, they’ll double in size. Then I was told to wait for pre-flowering which would be nice to have a clear pic of (I’ll do a ILGM search here in a bit). I’m 4 weeks into veg, trying to super crop and LST to get as many tops as possible. I realize GG being a photo means I control when to make her flower. But what time is the right time?

This is what the app calculated


Some time between 7-10 weeks veg is good depending on the space you have. They can even triple if you have the right conditions.


My thoughts it’s all about managing your space. As @Borderryan22 mentioned 7 to 10 weeks fits most growers needs.

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Plants typically take +/- 5 weeks to mature. So you can technically flip to flower scheduke anytime you want, but doesn’t mean plants will start flowering. So should be more a target of getting a full canopy and not leaving any dead floor space that won’t produce.


This is a gg4 photo clone i grow for meds. I fimmed her a LOT as i am after mucho edibles. She is in a 20 and had 7 weeks at least veg. I vegged her to almost fill a 3x3. The fimming stopped her upward growth cold. Otherwise i would have been in trouble. This is no lst. No supercrop. Only fimm and recovery time. Plant stakes.

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It all comes down to the growers personal preference if u want to veg ur plants more or if u want to flip them now thats ur personal preference and it also depends on how much room you have in ur tent or in ur closet depending on where and what ur growing in