When to flip to 12/12

Hello fellow growers. I have 20 W>W ladies all in their 4th week of veg. I didn’t count the first week of Nov. They are in a 76x76x76 grow tent with a 1000 watt light.
All 20 are over 12 inches tall. My “QUESTION " is when could I start 12/12 ?
I have read where the grower would start at around 12 to 18” tall. Whats your thoughts on this I’em really not sure and I really don’t want to start guessing I put up two pics of the girls For awhile there I knew all their names…lol

Thank You


When can anyone help me "PLEASE "

It depends on how big they can be at the end of the grow. As a general rule of thumb, you should kind of expect the plants to double in size through flowering. Depending on the strain and how you train or prune the plants, most will only actually grow about another 1/3rd their overall size, but with some strains this could still mean they will double their height.

Some people that grow a whole lot of plants in a very small space may start the 12/12 at less than 12 inches tall and others that are growing only a few plants in a large space may start the 12/12 at much larger than 18 inches tall.

This idea was discussed in many other topics here on ILGM, one of the most recent being in this one and it includes a link to a High Times article that also discusses planting density:


Thank you for your input Stoner. I must have just missed that being new here in all. I will follow that link. Thank you for that. I’em going to wait I think another week and then send the ladies into the 12/12.

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I also followed that link and went over it a few times then copied it to my note pad for future ref.
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I like a bigger yield I let my ladies get to about 3 feet tall then go to 12-12 then take them down in about 70 days from going to 12-12