The more plants the less PPM per plant?

Hey guys, are you supposed to cut nutrient strengths the more plants you have in the tent?
I just finished growing with one plant in my tent but I’m about to grow three plants in the tent. Does this mean I should cut nutrient strength by 2/3rds when I water these plants? Hope this question makes sense.

The nutrient is typically per gallon of water. That doesn’t change with the number of plants. For soil anyway.

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Same for Coco/Perlite?

I’ll let someone else answer, I use soil. I don’t want to lead you the wrong direction.

i would not cut nutes because of number of plant… or let me say ,i don’t anyway…hope this helps @LST

So regardless of whether you have 1 plant or multiple, the PPM dosage is the same for each plant.

My thinking was, if I’m using a 600w light with one plant in the tent, that one plant will want 600w worth the nutrients BUT if I’m using the same light with 3 plants instead of 1 each plant would get 200w worth the nutrients because 600w/3=200w. Know what I mean?

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Nutrients aren’t calculated by the amount of light the plant gets (I do understand your point). However, more or less light could require more or less waterings (evaporation from heat, faster plant growth, etc). But, the amount per gallon would still remain the same.


Nute mix is per gal based on 1 plant feed schedule
And ppm is base on one plants needs in schedule
As far as coco I believe nute strength is the same but ph levels need to be lower in the hydro range
I use soil myself and don’t know much about it though also o believe coco relations salt so flushing is necessary during grow
Double check me on that again I use soil myself

I used soil on my previous grow.
I’m pretty new to growing altogether and I’m trying to figure out a good balance of PPM strength per gallon for my plants.
Last grow, I underfed them because I was trying too hard to avoid overfeeding them. Hah.


Start low (25% of that the MFG suggest) and work up. Easier to go up than fix a burn, you are correct.


Thank you guys for all the responses!

Super helpful stuff.

How often do you guys feed? Last time I did a FeedWaterWaterWater routine.


i have been using moisture meter to measure my coco then i feed, check and wait till just out of my green zone’‘on the meter’’ then i water . it checks ph in soil/coco too!


My plants have been taking 60oz of water every 3 days. Will change over time but that’s what they currently like.

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What type of meter works for you?

I am doing things a bit different I used 15 gal pots so I feed 1 a week worked up to full strength
Like @BIGE I also use a 3 in 1 soil meter to check when to water and feed you can find them cheap on Amazon but don’t trust ph function not accurate enough
What nutes are you using ?
Try feeding every other watering

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I use FloraTrio along with CalMag and Silica Blast.
You guys familiar with The Grow Boss? He says to do the FWWW regimen but everyone else has said to try the FWFW like you said.

Oh ok I was just wondering
you can try to w w f w w
Every plant is different and will consume nutes at different rates
So just watch you plant and adjust feeds to suit her you don’t need to stick to a rigid schedule adjust for plants needs it easier to correct from under feeding than over feeding and same with watering water only when needed
When I feed I water till I have run off with ph water of 6.5 them I add my nutes once soil is wet ? I will check ph and ppm of my run off and adjust till I’m in the range I’m looking for 6.3-6.8 ph and ppm depends on where I’m at in grow