Do I have to wait to feed my plants?, just watered them

I just watered them because they were dry, after sum discussions on here it looks like my babies are hungry and showing the signs, do I have to wait till the dirt is dry?

Photos in natural light please @Powersrp

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I gauge the weight of the pot, it is normally 4 to 5 days between my waterings in 5 gallon fabric pots, so let it dry to what you think is best, then water with nutes to run off, check all PH and PPM in and out, i start at 25 % strength and then go off the PPM out and how the plants are looking. In saying that your plants look great :+1::kangaroo:


@Powersrp you should keep the conversation going in your original thread to provide the history of the prior discussions instead of starting new threads. As mentioned last night you have been at 1/4 strength. You are showing nutrient deprivation and should increase your strength in the next watering. Your plants are big enough to handle a new feeding with the increased strength now if you wish, but the guidance for watering every 4-5 days is good advice.

You should move those cfls closer. They’re not gonna do much that far away

The girls have been growing as fast as I can bend and tie them, when I put the cfl lights close it blocks out too much of the leds, they going on the shelf tomorrow, I have a 1200 w led coming tomorrow, yeehah, so one 1200w led on two plants, and the other 2 girls each get a 600w led to theirselves, I’m much more relaxed now with 12/12 not too far away. I really thought I was under lighted.

Thx, I was worried, first sign of trouble so far, and with help I knew how to fix it, but I couldn’t because I just watered. The lack of nutes came out of nowhere, I did sum bending and tying the day before and they looked great. I am thinking 1/2 strength them ppm it and add to to get to 1100, is that correct?

You will be ok. Minor issues are a big thing for the first time grower. Once you get a couple grows under your belt you will feel so much more comfortable. You will probably need 3/4 or full strength, but add to 50% and see.

hello, so i mixed my nutes and got ppm to 970, ph was low 560, so i added bakeing soda , got ph to 6.5, because i just ran out of ph up, now my ppm is 1600, what to do?

Make sure all off the baking soda is fully dissolved and then just dilute with water. Recheck ph after ppm is below 1300.

phew, ok thats what i did, got it to 1064 ppm, ph at 6.2 going in, now ill check the run offs. thank you

run off ppm is 870, ph is 6.2, so i think ph at 6.0 for nutes and ppm at 1000 seems to be a automatic balance for in going nutes