Hey guys i need some wisdom about ppm

Ok im growing in coco coir this run my ph is 5.8 to 6.0 im using nimbin nutrients Australia now how i water is i make up a 40litre bucket of water the directions for the feeding of this nutrients is 2-3 mls per litre thats of A&B so it works out to be 80mls of each for a 40 litre bucket of water which it takes the ppm up to 2500-3000 now is this to much for veg my plants are doing great and growing fast im running CO2 aswell my light is on 65% the ppfd is around 450-550 ppfd and my light cycle is 20/4 rh is 55-60% temps are 18-24 degrees Celsius

I’m not sure what your specific question is, but I’ll take a shot at it. I target a runoff PPM of ~1,000.

CO2 isn’t helping any if your PPFD is ~500.


Yah i dont know what my run off is but the ppm thats going in is 2500-3000 i will be jacking up the ppfd soon .sorry the question was supposed to be what should the ppm be going into the pot be for veg stage

It should be sufficient to maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000.

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Aha ok thanks @MidwestGuy this is the first time doing any of this

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I’m guessing ppm is measured on 700 scale since you are in Australia. Depending on the plants’ age, the ppm is much higher than what is normally needed. Take a look at this chart. I added EC and 700 scale amount. The PPM column with green header is 500 scale commonly used in USA.

I’m no familiar with the nutrients but it is hard to imagine it would recommend that much. Is your water PPM really high?

See what i do is i mix a 40 litre bucket with water and im following the instructions that i was given ,they said to use 2-3 mls per litre of water so i did the two mls with was 80 mls of A and then 80 mls of B so all up 160 mls in 40 litres of water and that bucket last me for two weeks

You may need to adjust the pH of your feed if you let nute mix sit. pH will tend to drift over time.

Yah i have to keep a good eye on the ph it does drift but not that much

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I am not questioning the math. It is higher than anything I have ever put in a plant. I looked up the nutrients. I see it does say 2ml per liter for each A & B.
Other than contacting the company to see what PPM the recommend, I guess see how it goes.

Yah thats what i think aswell but i will get in touch with the company for a feed chart and i will ask them a few questions