Nuttrients, ppm control

everytime i feed my plants i check the ppm and it has been 2600 to 4500 one plant died but the rest seem to be thriving whats the proper procedure to feeding my plants and get the proper ppm levels. i know it is supposed to be 600 - 1600 depending on phase its in can you help me?

Are you in coco, soil, dwc? What nutrients do you use?

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I’m in soil I use calmag, general hydroponics grow, micro & bloom.

Your soil is most likely loaded with nutrients already. You should be reading runoff on feed days to track the ppms. Once the plant depletes most of the nutrients then you start feeding them.

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Ok I’ll try that I was letting them use soil but they were growing so slow and I’m growing auto flowers so I was trying to help them along but I will try to stop feeding them till the ppm comes down.

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Im growing in soil too and ppm is 4000+ every time

What type of soil are you guys using? If using any of the FF happy Frog or ocean Forest, they are heavy on nutes and none required for a few weeks. I will assume you are not using miracle grow since that can induce whole new problems.