Stunted due to underwatering?

Thelma & Louise Born 9/9/22
They live in solo cups Kelloggs Organic Soil will transp to FF
Mars Hydro F4800
75-83ish degrees
45%ish humidity
AC Infinity

They do not seem to be growing much, if at all! I’m sure the problem is under watering. I was originally only misting the soil for a few weeks. Only in the last few days have I realized I’m probably WAY under watering (after reading someone’s journal that watered a shot glass full per solo) did I start giving them about 5 to10 ml each using dropper. Should I lift them out of the cup to see if I see any root growth? Did I ruin these too? Ugggh

45RH is low for a seedling. when i first water the soil in the cup before planting, i feel the weight of the cup so i know when its light then its time to water the little ones.


I agree with what was said above. When in early veg i found the best temp and humidity range is 70-80 degrees and 60-70 humidity. If you cant achieve this try a dome over the solo cups for added humidity and your seedlings will be small for a bit and might seem like the growth is stunted or stalled but they are laying down the root system so after that they usually take off. Need very little water the first couple weeks and overwatering is a common problem in new growers so i would find out the best method for your watering schedule. Like mentioned above many go by the weight of the pot when dry vs wet


a good Humidifier can keep the RH up, just dont use tap water l, use distilled or purified or you will have white power flying around and on the plants. it clogged my sock on the carbon filter. i use a Humidifier duringy whole grow. but if unable to get one, like @BigCat420 stated domes work great.

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You have to be patient they wont grow fast there putting down roots and how much water are you giving them and ur RH is low it needs to be around 60-65% humidity .ur plants should be getting a shot glass full of water every few days


Thank you! I am totally micro-managing them now. Lost 5 beans out of the gate so I am getting super impatient and just wanting to get something to grow taller than my pinky lol!

I put some clear solo “domes” on top. Makes sense, that’s what I do for my aero garden seedlings!

Thanks for the tip @BudzMS about using distilled water. I do have a humidifier and may bring it out later if needed! Thinking of humidity, I have the infinity running and a small fan in the tent as well as a ceiling fan above tent in an attached garage. Should I be leaving the vents open or closed? I had taken velcro off all since I thought it would bring in outside air.


whatever works, try it opened and see what it does and try it closed and see, but monitor it. wifi controls are nice, when im away i eant change things up like changebthe speed of my fan or crank up or down the Humidifier