HELP. New and my girls are not happy!

I have already lost 2 seedlings (great white) They seem to be showing signs of under/over-water as their leaves are drooping and yellowing. Or could it be a light issue as the are very leggy… They are hardly growing…except upwards!

  • Strains: Northern Lights, Black Domina, Great White Shark (not yet sprouted)
  • AGE: 20 days. (from sprouting)
  • Medium: 50/50 Coco air and perlite
  • Nutrients: None just 6.5 pH water.
  • Light cycle: 18/6
  • Distance from light: 20 cm
  • Tent: 40cm x 30 cm x 30 cm
  • Power: 600W …* Actual Power: 60W
  • Light Source: LED(Double Led Chips)
  • LED Quantity: 60pcs(36Red + 8Blue + 8White + 8Sodium)
  • PPFD: 30cm-564μ.mol/㎡-s, 60cm-146μ.mol/㎡-s, 90cm-74μ.mol/㎡-s, 120cm-44μ.mol/㎡-s
  • LUX: 30cm-18760LUX, 60cm-5080LUX, 90cm-2400LUX, 120cm-1400LUX
  • Beam Angle: 120 degree
  • Lifespan: 50000H
  • Irradiated Area: 1㎡

Sorry about image quality, I will try get some better ones. They have just had a soak as they were a bit dry so they do look over wet at the moment.

Black Domina.

Northern Lights.

20 cm distance from light.

A cold one today. Usually sits around the 20c,

60 watts is not much light. 15c is a little too cold.

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Thanks tanlover. It usually hovers around the 20c mark but we have had some really cold days here in Vic.AU.
Do you think I should move them closer to the light?

Can you define this a little bit better. How much water did you give. When they are that little they don’t need much. You could also make domes out of 2-liter pop bottles the keep keep them moist and the temp up.


Hopefully these pics can show you a little more.

OK thanks.

I did not measure - silly me but was a small amount, maybe egg cup full.(both plants) It went straight throu so I don’t have a drainage problem :slight_smile:

Hopefully a better image.

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Welcome! Check this out for sure.

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Thanks! I just downloaded it!

It’s too cold for seedlings.
I keep them at about 80f until well established.

I use cheap cfl light bulbs for the first 2-3 weeks, just a few inches from the seedlings.

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That one on the right looks exactly like my first plant when I was giving her to much water. They need very, very small amounts.

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Just to give you an idea what @Bubblehead is talking about:

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Growing in coco you want to ph water around 5.8-6.3

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this is how I do it

OK, thank you. I appreciate everyone’s input. Is everyone saying I need to re dome them and they will be OK? I hope it is such an easy fix.

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This is how I do it. Lol many ways to skin cat daneilson.


You dont have them doomed? Have you been watering the soil!?

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At this point in there life the take all there water in threw the leaves until roots get established


I’ve had troubles in the past with those peat pot trays and pots. They hold to much moisture for my liking and in my past have led to damping off and root rot. I switched to cups with drainage holes. Seems a lot of people choose a well drained cup as well. I also keep mine domed or in a enclosed where I can keep humidity and temp up. As @Cyle1 said. They absorb through leaves via transpiration until the roots develop. By watering less you encourage the roots to go find water. A slightly larger cup helps with that too. You obviously don’t want to underwater but I like to make those roots go find the water. Just a suggestion, plenty people have successfully used peat pots. I have not though. I’m sure everyone here will help you get your girls perky

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