Stressed plant please help

hi there my plant leaves are curling inward the edges are curling I did not use the nutrients I have baught I am waiting till completely dry am not using ph kit any ideas on where I can get one and here’s a pic of my 1 plant I used the nutrients on it got brown abit please let me know what u think I was going to put them in flower today ?

Didn’t we already answer this? BTW, what pics? None in this thread.

Get a soil PH meter, they are very cheap at almost any hardware or gardening shop, like only $10-$20 USD. Or get a digital one online (digital ones will give you a more accurate measurement, especially in hydro or to measure your nutrient mix before pouring on your soil but if you are going to grow mostly in soil I’d recommend getting both), you can find them on e-bay for about $10. You absolutely need to know your PH, no way around it.

I’m not trying to be a grammar Nazi or a jerk. But take a deep breath, stay calm – the plant isn’t going anywhere – and think clearly how you wish to express your thought in complete sentences with some proper punctuation. We can’t help you if we can’t properly understand your questions or your statements.

BTW, You don’t want to let things dry out too much, you don’t want to kill your roots.

Also, don’t overwhelm us with photos. Only post the relevant picture to your question, or after posting each individual picture give a concise description of what we are supposed to be looking for in the picture.

Sounds like the plant is using it’s stored nutrients due to being underfed. PH could be off. Without proper ph; You cannot determine with any measure of accuracy; What is going on.