Marijuana leaves curling up and down

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m having some trouble with leaves curling down I am not using ph pen or nutrients my buddy gave me a big plant the leaves r starting to curl up

Need more info please?
It would be good if you could get a ph reading with the pen.

Why are you not feeding it? Are you possibly causing a nutrient imbalance by not feeding it? Are you over watering it? I assume you are watering it. These could cause leaf stress that kinda looks like curling.

And if you could get us the following information as well?

Indoor or Outdoor?
Soil or Hydro?
Medium used?
ppm levels?
Light system/watts?

And very clear pictures would be a big help too.

I agree McG’. Sounds like some kind of nutrient imbalance, and PH, that is way off due to whatever your water is; This would definitely make the plant susceptible issues that could limit availability of some minerals. Which can lead to a nutrient imbalance.

indoor purple wreck 400 watt light ballast what ppm ? I am a new grower I just stardtr to experiment my buddy gave me the plant without the paper of what stuff he usesd it’s the middle one I brang it back tolife cut all leaves I ain’t using ph or nothing just plain water n it’s still growing lots can I use sensi grow part 1 without part to I’m getting paid I’m just gunna get a ph pen n stuff and ideas on what neutrients I can buy the better stuff n left me kno if anything looks stupid oh n sorry bud it’s soil
the best medium I got from a local hemp shop I am just interested so let me kno on what I can do to pull off a nice crop with there’s baby’s thanks guys ,., Callie smoker

picture it’s the second pic I revived with all the leaves literally cut off now look at it with just water

It’s hard to say but it looks like you could be over watering, maybe over feeding. You need to be careful not to have your soil too wet for too long. It needs to dry out almost completely every couple to a few days. The top few inches should feel pretty dry and the weight should feel a lot lighter. The roots need oxygen or air. If you are using a good soil then the soil will feed your plant nutrients to an extent and it would be safer to under-fertilize than over-fertilize. Fertilize every couple to a few waterings, with the other waterings being just plain water. Make sure you get a ph meter as that could cause a nutrient imbalance or cause lockout of certain nutrients which can cause leaf damage. Over watering can also cause nutrient imbalances.

Also your temperatures are way too high. If your room temp is so high your soil is probably above 25 C and that is not good. If possible you want to keep the room under 26 C under about 78 F. If the root zone is getting to hot and soil temperatures get above 70F/21 degrees Celsius it could lead to microbial imbalances in the medium as well and pathogens can cause the symptoms you are describing as well, i.e. “root rot”.

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anymore advice on what I should so ?

will they still grow an when should I start to bud them I don’t want then to big maybe a ounce or over a plant

will they still live and how long should I veg there pretty big as u can see do u have any idea if I can use sensi grow part a without part b cause I’m not feeding them anything I have plant prod 10.10.10 can I just use thatif not let me know what I should do

Looks like they are growing fine. If they are at least a month old; You can flower anytime, but I am going to tell you that; If you want to get an ounce; You are going to have to produce a pretty decent sized plant.

As far as the nutrient question. If your nutrient is supposed to be mixed equally; Part A, and B, then you would basically be giving them Heavy Nitrogen without much balance.

If your 10-10-10 plant food is water soluble; Then use that. At least you will be giving them a balanced nutrient program

ok thanks anything else on what I should do the big ones were clones I got from a buddy

I recommend that you enjoy them. D

Stop over-watering and get the heat down and they should be fine. Use balanced nutrients, the 10-10-10 should be fine. Grow them to your desired size keeping in mid they’ll grow about a third more of their size larger and put them into flowering and then after the buds are ripe, harvested and cured, then yes, enjoy them.