What could this be a indication of?

@Missiles Is it thirsty? Does it need nutes? Why would the leaves start to curl?


Ph balance low

And needs nitrogen
Just my observation
What do you use for nutrients?

So how do I correct it

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I have big bloom, grow big, tiger bloom, I have only fed these plants once so it will make since but the soil still seems damp so I don’t want to stress it out, my other plants look fine it’s just that one that’s curling


Well, what I use is good PH water. Fortunately my tap water is at a even level. Test strip will be inexpensive way to test your water. You could use Arrowhead springwater to be sure. The only nutrients I use are General Hydroponics ![image|160x122] Flora This formula has worked for over 25 years for me, indoor or out. I can water with it every other time and save on costs too. Also use a Neem oil spray weekly for pest control and beautiful shiny leaves.

Let plants dry out too before adding nutrients. Use Good soilFox Farms Ocean is what I use.


That’s good nutrients too

Of course this is just my opinion.

You may have pests. Inspect closely with a loupe/magnifying glass.

Did you just mist the plant, or is it always glossy like that?

@Drinkslinger Yes I just mist the plant for the ladybugs!
@Edz should I just water with a ph of 6 next time instead of adding big grow again! It would make since if it has some deficiency‘s, I just don’t want to over water, I have a feeling it’s gonna be ab 5 days before next water🤷🏼‍♂️

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If you have a bunch of ladybugs, you may have aphids. Look closely at both sides of leaves and where they meet the main stalk.

@Drinkslinger I bought the lady bugs to try to prevent the aphids. Later found out it was catapillers


Something was def munching. At least that’s sorted out. :+1:

In the pic I posted/zoomed in on, what are those white specs?

@Drinkslinger idkkk I’ll send more pics!


Yes I think so

Is this plant a clone? Or from seed? Also how old is she.

Something is going on with her just not sure what. Pest could be a culprit.

@Missiles it’s a seed, and I was told I could have spider mites a couple days ago but I sprayed the plant with peroxide, and wouldn’t my other plants have the same thing if it was pest. I’ve looked under the leaves with a magnifying glass and saw nothing!:man_shrugging:t3: And I’m pretty sure she’s 5 weeks

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I would think your other plants would have it if they’re in the same vicinity as this one is.

you said you’ve only fed once so far. Have you checked the ppm’s of her run off to see if she’s hungry or not? She’s crying out for something LOL

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@Missiles Ik lol😂, I’ve fed her water with a ph of 6 for about a month with hydroponics drops. My ph meter comes in tues I can check the run off then, should I feed her big grow next water? And none of my other plants are showing any leaves like this

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