Steverino asks: How to use MJ Booster in soil? Amendments? Supplements?

steverino, A “Participant” asks

Soon, I’ll have seedlings at 8 weeks, ready for transplanting to larger pots – 5 questions:

  1. The soil should have what NPK ratios? (currently germinating soil .05 .05 .05)
  2. Can I mix in vermiculite and other water retention materials?
  3. When do they start receiving booster, and other supplements?
  4. What supplements work best?

Strains are Gold Leaf, and Northern lights. Indoors now, switching to full outdoors in a secluded garden area of my home. I intend to let them grow vegetative all summer if need be hoping they get quite large.

  1. Summer is intense here in the California desert – can they survive if I water them a lot?


1, There is no set standard for N-P-K except balanced, IMO.

  1. Mixing soil amendments is also a matter of choice. If you know what you are doing; Go for it. Otherwiae stay simple. Harder to identify issues when you are adding all kinds of stuff.

  2. Assuming you have sterile soil, or soil with little or no N-P-K ta\ratio; You can start feeding plants when they have 4=5 alternating nodes of true leaves. This shows the establishment of the root zone.

  3. I do not think you should use any supplements. It is evident that you are not an experienced grower yet. Using just the 3 parts of Marijuana booster consecutively should do you just fine. In fact; You will be able to learn the plant, and how to grow it successfully, by keeping it simple!

  4. Watering too much just drowns the plant. You water as plant needs it, when soil is almost dry. I suggest you make arrangements for 50-60% shade cloth, and make a shade structure over and around the plant. Otherwise; You are at the mercy of the Desert Sun.

If ur gonna grow in he desert bury the container in the ground or keep the container in the shade. You can buy screen from and big box hardware store by the roll, screen door screen, its nylon. It’ll mediate the sun, make sure it difuses the sun from 9 am till at least 4 pm in the summer. Thats how i grew vegetables when i lived in sothern cal. Theyll grow without the screen, but not in a container, need the screen for that, and the container has to stay cool, the minute the side of the container reaches 80 deg that sucker is done. I tried growing in a white 5 gal bucket in the alabama summer and couldnt keep it going unless i buried the bucket. Sun got it too hot. Watered it to keep it cool, over watered it, dead. Add more nutrients to keep the nutrient count up, so i can water more often, plant burns, dead. Have the container on the cool ground and shaded from the sun, have a screen over the plant, it will grow. Good luck!