Marijuana booster

The marijuana booster feeding schedule shows bloom up to 9 weeks if your plants aren’t ready yet do you keep repeating week 9 or change to just watering thanks.

Keep up with the nutrient schedule until you think they are ready to finish, and flush. Good Luck, and Happy Gropwing! :slight_smile:

Thanks for buying our Nutes :smiley:

What if u dont have Marijuana booster. Is plant food ok to use instead?

If you use a plant food off the shelf, you can do this but you need to be careful. If you go this route you should use something balanced and mild in the NPK values. I’ve seen people use stuff that is intended for lawns and trees and even blueberry bushes, I don’t believe you should use any of these. Especially as there are better alternatives that are not that expensive and relatively simple for beginners. Especially if you are going to grow in hydroponics or in soil-less mixes.

I used to, and know many other people that have grown reasonably successful harvests on miracle gro for tomatoes, mixed with a few supplements like a Cal-Mag additive, which you might not need depending on your soil. The stuff miracle gro uses can cause pH instability in some cases, so you need to monitor the pH with something like a pH pen as described here: What are the best pH and PPM Levels for Growing Marijuana?

Also nutrient salts may or may not build up easier with something like miracle gro, but either way you should also watch the nutrient concentration and possible build up with a EC/TDS pen, also shown and discussed in the link.