M booster

arit i just got my booster in today and i was wondering since my plants are already flowering an its about 30 days into flowering wich bottles should i use on the plants

Bud booster and maybe some of the THC booster as indicated for about week 5 in the booster feeding schedule:


so do i water it with the booster everyday or once a week

i mean every watering or every 7 to 14 days

Are you growing in soil? If so; Let the plants tell you. You can use it each watering every 2-3 days, or alternate with ph’d water in between. Bottom line; You have to let your plants tell you if they need nutrients or water. Hope this helps.

BTW. I would start with the transition part for one week, then go to final part since you are already a month into flower.

ok thank you and yes i am growing in soil but i looked at the chart and i did the 5th week schedual 5ml flower booster and 5ml mass booster but my leaves started getting brown spots and some of the stems was turning red its been like that for about 4 days now im hopeing this will help with that

Be careful not to over water, red stems if often a sign of overwatering but can be caused from other problems as well, and I’d be extra careful monitoring pH and even the EC/PPM of your soil or the run off when transitioning from one nutrient to another.

Good point; In fact, I would always flush before changing from one nutrient brand to another. 3 x’s the volume of the pot capacity.

so what i should do next few waterings is use straight water and another thing i switched from cfl to a ufo could that be another way to stress the plant

No. You flush all at once.

Then you add fresh supply of ph’d nutrient solution in order to get the plant back on track.

I never heard of a UFO light system LOL. Do you mean fluoro?

It’s an Apollo led spectrum it’s round I got its because I was using a row of single 150 watt col and it kept burning the tips and the grow room kept getting in the high 90 degree so to flush it I just run water over the soil and let the water drain out so it’s like starting with nutrient free soil, but since I’m starting so late will the booster make a difference in the grow or should I wait for my next grow because my plant now is from bag seeds and my next grow is og kush

That is a decision you have to make. Now that plant is flushed, I would experiment now…On the bag seed genetics. Learn what you can.

I’d save the more expensive nutes for the more expensive genetics, practice on the bag seed as Latewood said.

Different intensity of light can cause a change and a nutrient adjustment may be needed. The Apollo “UFO” style LED light may be providing much more intense light in the wave lengths needed by the plant, but blue and red light does not look like bright light to the human eye, just something to keep in mind. So yes switching to the LED light system from the CFLs could be part of the problem, you need to acclimate just like going from CFL to HID.

So switching to led isn’t a good idea right now? An yea I Ian gonna save the booster for the og and I’m ordering some gold leave to I wanna grow some with the booster and some with other nuts and so wait for the out come

No, there is nothing wrong with the switch right now, you just might have to keep it a little higher from the plants at first so the light isn’t as intense, then bring it slowly to the maximum closeness recommended by the manufacturer, usually somewhere around 12 to 18 inches for most 3 watt LEDs systems and I believe the apollo “UFO model” uses 3 watt LEDs.

Yea the led is 3 watt chip but yea thanks for the help an all the info my plants wouldn’t be what they are now with out yalls help this is the most helpful site