New grower here started my outside crop

So i just placed some CCK into some miracalgrow medium (hopefully good soil) lol but there outside now they haven’t poped out from the soil yet its only been 2 days hopefully it dont backfire because i put them outside so early. Not sure how long i should have waited till i put them outside? ive been feeding them some big bloom already should i have waited to give them nutes? any input guys i have pictures also i will be posting

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Miracle grow is terrible for cannabis. So most likely you’re soil is to hot (already full of nutes) which will burn and probably kill your plant. Also for the first two weeks you’re not going to need any nutrients. You should start them in a seed starting soil also probably in a tiny pot? Then transplant to a nutrient rich soil in a 5 gallon pot or bigger, or put them in the ground outside. If you put them in nutrient rich soil then that should last for about a month or so. So still no nutes. If you put them in the ground I’m not sure if they need nutes (I never used nutes on my outdoor vegetable garden) so let someone else chime in with outdoor experience. Also big bloom is for flowering isn’t it? You’re never going to want to feed a seed any kind of nutes either :wink: you just want to water the seed and get it nice and moist. When you do start using nutrients start out with it very weak and work you’re way up. Also welcome to growing! I’m a hydroponic grower myself but these are the basics for starting out with soil. I did do a soil grow years ago but If i missed anything im sure someone will fill you in. If I were to grow outside I would probably start it inside then bring it outside after its not so fragile. This is how I started my outdoor vegetable garden but I have never grown cannabis outside so best of luck! :+1: @Losro313



Around here we call it miracle-no!

You should be fine for now (not much you can do about it at this point). When she’s a little bigger you should consider transplanting her into a pot with a different soil. Also definelty no nutrients at this point. The plant will sprout with little round feeder leaves that basically hold enough nutrients for the plant for as long as they’re still attached.

Please continue to ask questions and we will do our best to help you out.

Also it is too late in the season to start an outdoor grow (assuming you’re in the northern hemisphere).


Thanks a lot I sure will change the soil , and am here in ocala Florida


Thanks means a lot , I will most definitely keep an eye on them maybe even trash them start new

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No no no… :astonished:

Maybe consider extracting the seeds from the soil before they crack open. Maybe rinse off with room temperature water.
95% of the time they will die.
I use black gold when growing outdoors. It’s great for seedling.
Let us know what you decide to do.

Nobody on here wants them to die!!!



You are going to have issues if you try to start an outdoor grow right now.


Very very true. Don’t know where you live but here I’m already using the fireplace!

Am here in Florida @Snowman

What’s the coldest temps you guys see down there?

@Snowman Max 44-40 never really seen it under if am not mistaking

here is what I have used fellas

Miracle grow! An infomercial to avoid.

Welcome to an awesome adventure.
I see you’re in the U.S on the east coast.
Most cannabis is photosensitive and since we are at fall they might try to go into flower immediately. Better bet may be to try and have them inside with artificial light cycle of 12 on 12 off and keep them in vegetative state til spring.


Get your hands on some fox farms light warrior and fox farms ocean forest. Probably want some food grade diatomaceous earth as well for pests! Make sure it’s food grade. They are right you should grow indoors. @Losro313


It’s not so much the temperature in FL that you should be worried about but the amount of daylight. Whenever the amount of daylight is less than or equal to the amount of darkeness- the plant is going to think that it is fall time and start flowering. You need the days to be longer than 12 hours for you plants to veg properly.

Also that miracle grow has ''Miracle Gro plant food" which I believe is time released. And that is no good for MJ- you want to be able to control the nutrient release.

I think you’ll be fine with the soil. It’s .03 - .03 - .03 NPK so it’s not heavily fertilized. The above advice to not fertilize until later is spot on. I don’t think you say what size pot you started in. The generally accepted practice is to start in a small pot and move up. I usually germinate indoors to keep some control. But, marijuana has been growing outdoors for eons.

Good luck with your grow.

Wow that’s super warm. Lucky for You!

That is a good bag of soil

As I grew up in Florida and spent a lot of time in and near Ocala, this isn’t the best time to start a grow outside. At least not with photos. Having not yet grown autos I am hesitant to offer advice for those. Florida CAN get some bad winters and bad frosts. Ask any local farmer :man_farmer:. When you notice tomato farms start then go for it with seedlings you start in house. I’m a newbie growing MJ, but used to work with farmers in Florida for a few years :blush:

Best advice you can get… download the free grow bible… :wink:

Good luck and welcome to ILGM… :wink:

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