Seedling Booster?

I’m a new buyer of the White Widow Autoflowers. I bought the kit with the nutrients. So far the germinated seeds are about 1” tall. They are in small (4-5” pots) inside til they grow a little. Then I will put them in 5 gallon containers and grow outside in my garden. Not sure when and how much of the Seedling Booster I should use. I’ve just been misting with water so far. Please let me know where I can find that. I see the chart, but I don’t want to overwater, so a little confused. BTW I love your site. Thank you in advance…

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What kind of pots and medium are you growing in ? Do you have a humidity dome over your seedlings?

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These are sitting on a window sill with direct sunlight for about 6-7 hours a day. Growing in an organic potting soil. Not sure brand. Took about 3 days to germinate, so this is about 4 days in the pots.

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I recommend using some kind of dome to keep humidity very high and not watering as often. Cannabis does not do well when constantly wet. It prefers a wet/dry cycle.

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Agree with HMGRWN about not water so much. That soil looks absolutely sopping wet.
If it were me I would wait a day or two to cover them. Let that dirt get drier on the surface so your stems dont rot, then cover them with a clear dome if you want. I ran a test with a new seedling in dampened soil. Wet the soil and squeezed it to remove excess water. Once the seed sprouted I let it go without watering until it wilted. It took 21 days for that to happen. For the last 3 or 4 days the cup felt like it was completely dry it was so light.
Here it is at 2 weeks without being watered…

Three weeks it finally drooped

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I just misted them, that’s why they look wet. I will keep them a little dryer. Thanks for the suggestion. Do you know when and how much I should use the seedling fertilizer? I got from ILGM.

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I don’t know about or know anyone who uses seedling booster.
I usually just sprout seed in paper towel then straight to forever home(3 gal fabric planter) that has been pre-moistened and cover with dome. No water added until the dome comes off in 2 or 3 weeks except maybe spray the inside of the dome.
The seedling gets all the nutrition it needs from the little cotyledons and all needed moisture through the air until a good root system is established. This is the reason for the dome and only spraying the inside surface. Rh stays around 90-100% inside the dome.

This is not exactly a seedling but she is in “intensive care” as a stubborn runt. I am using a fishbowl here but also use cut off juice jugs. See the condensation inside the glass.


Looks great! @HMGRWN isn;t it an issue to have no air flow inside your dome? Or is the seedling ok with with limited air flow for a few weeks?

Yes the seedling is ok without airflow for a bit but I do move the dome occasionally.

Noted thanks!