Starting out with proper equipment

hi,im in australia and would like to know what type of soil is need to get when planting seeds, i will be growing either in a bedroom or in a room under the house in pots till fruitition, i see that others have said not to use house water? how are you suppose to water them and how much water do you give them, is it daily until become seedlings then how much after that. i will get lighting ( and put a timer on it for 10hrs a day. can you use any types of lights. i have a thing called Richgro, black marvel which has, nitrogen(12),phosphorus(1),high potash(10),added iron, trace elements, and soil wetter. i saw in another site that this is a feed that is needed to be added to soil? which i used for my 1st ever plants outside in potting mix for seeds i will order seeds in july then plant straight away which will leaves 2mths of winter remaining., thanks for any response.

You need 12/12 at the minimum. Preferably 18/6 which allows you to Veg a Photoperiod. Having 12/12 or less light will cause it to flower before the plant is a decent size.


Coco coir should be fairly easy to get there otherwise get anything that doesn’t have time release fertilizer. That fertilizer doesn’t have enough phosphorus veging needs a ratio closer to 8-4-4 and flower needs 4-8-6. Heres my Beginner guide it’ll help with some of those questions and seedlings do well under 18/6 or 20/4 light


Gidday mate. What your budget?? Read forums. Type in what you want to know it is sure to come up. If inside would go coco. Hlg lights. Gorilla tent. Ac fans and a top quality ph and ppm/excellent meter. Grow strong mate. Good luck. :australia:


hi there, yes im going to get coco coir from canna aust then put into pots, does Hlg mean halogen? im a beginners beginner…lol.ive looked at gorilla 1.21.2200 tent and a grow light ( [BESTVA Dimmable Pro1000 LED Grow Lights with Samsung LM301B Diodes & MeanWell Driver, Pro Series Full Spectrum Grow Light 3x3ft Coverage for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants Seeding Veg and Flower) or something similar. it mentioned something about an exhaust fan??? and has a clip on fan.the tent has these large circular covered holes,1 up top, 1 down bottom, don’t know what they’re for. can you have(grow) more than 3 or 4 plants in these things? can 1 set up a misting system in them as well. these are at i just want to make sure im doing the right thing!

I forgot that I had this bookmarked somewhere already. Thanks again :rofl:

pH and tds meters as well. Don’t skimp on them. Get your whole list together and post it before you buy… some serious experience around here that can save you time money and heartache.

what is tds meter? i was going to buy a pH meter from Bunnings tomorrow…my list so far is a gorilla tent, fan, coco coir, pots, pH meter, lighting, a misting system and a 8-4-4 feed.

Hlg horticulture lightening group forget the bestva crap. Cost you tears. Misting system??? Cause more tears in flower. It’s pretty easy but a challenge all the time. Light air feed. And a lot of love and all shall be good. Read lots mate. You will have fun and grow some wicked sh1t :australia:

TDS total dissolvable solids. Ec electrical current ppm parts per million. Think that how it go

Screw Bunnings. Go hydro shop. Blue lab or apera. That what most use. Not sure about apera in oz but blue lab made NZ. sort of mates.

there is a hydro shop in rocky so ill get the pH and ppm meter there, if thats where you can get.them from, ive had stuff from bunnings which didnt work or last properly so glad to know can get stuff elsewhere.

The one thing to not skimp on if u want good buds is light and ph and ppm meters all else can be got as a last resort and work out. Next in line is find a good nute line cannabos friendly. Jacks 321 is a simple affordably choice if u can get it to u. Hlg lights are about beat ive seen besides one ive been scoping photontex xt 1000. Draws 1012 watts from wall seems legit as hell any1 know someone whos used or uses this light. Looks pretty badazz. @dbm32

Gidday Mark would like to try Jacks but can’t get in Aus. Can get o amazon but shipping and tax off it’s head. Like those grove bags. Wanted 30 bags. $54. Shipping $104. Screw that. Wanna become a distributor??

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If i could i would for u buddy. Im sure the ship.expens will be outrageous aldo as tracking would be a must also to make sure things make it to u ect. Mail is all messed up anymore and cant be trusted at all. I would not want mossed pkg or pkg that didnt make it because of fall on me. But if incan do anything to help i will def try. I got 100 grove bags for 30 usd. So far they seem sweet. The ones i got were half oz bags and i got some 3.5g bags also becaise they were cool looking and i got 200 for 9.99 lol