Starting 3 mystery strain clones today!

@BobbyDigital, @Covertgrower, @MidwestGuy, @Myfriendis410, So I went and got these, and never having grown from a cutting, it seems kinda weird that there’s hairs, the guy I got them from said it’s normal and the plant will surely go into a strong veg, so is this normal?


Yup! Called Monster Cropping I believe. Disclaimer: I’m new too


Oops LMAO I literally just found a thread about it!!! Sorry guys!!!


Yes, I’m currently growing out a clone that had pre flowers from the time I sniped it.

Growing out of control already.


I’m gonna do one of em, in a DWC set up!!


Yep, monster cropped clones. Don’t freak out but they’re going to look really weird as they transition back to veg.


As mine went back into veg it started growing 1 finger leaves, 2 finger leaves, leaves growing upside down. But the plant is growing wild and normal as would any cannabis
plant early in veg. I’m quite excited.


Upside down!? If that’s not confusion I don’t know what is lol


You mean like this? Durban Thai/Cindy 99 clones in an ebb and flow tray

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@BobbyDigital @Myfriendis410 @Dankloud @PhillyRock, do these little ladies look healthy? I swear it’s really weird to see these tiny things with hair as long as mine​:rofl::joy:!

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Yep still looking good. They’ll look super weird in a few weeks

@BobbyDigital when can I transplant them into their final pot?

When they’ve fully rooted

@BobbyDigital Them things will be popping out the holes in the bottom, when they’re ready huh?

A good indicator, if you don’t have them in clear solos to check the roots, is wait until they start growing. Then you can slide them out and check the root ball.

@BobbyDigital ok now I’m getting ready to run to the store, can I buy clear solos and when I get home slide the root ball out of the red and into the clear without too much stress on em? So I don’t have to play guess and keep sliding them in and out of the red’s to see?

Could cause problems if there aren’t enough roots yet to hold the soil together. You could cut the very bottom off those cups and just place them in a second cup. Then you can slide that cup out and check the bottom periodically

@BobbyDigital yeah I like that idea a lot better thanks bud :+1::+1: