Something Chewing On Her

New grower needing advice. I have a beautiful ILGM Jack Herer lady growing in a RDWC setup. Just flipped to flower 7 days ago. I noticed on one of the leaves, holes and, the leaf is also turning under on one side. The only other damage I see on the whole plant is a leaf next to the leaf with holes appears to be cut off at the end. I have another plant approx the same size and age that is sitting next to her and no damage at all on it. Stumped. BTW- Thanks to all of you. I would not be having any success if was not for what I have learned here. Cheers!

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Hey @Cajun_JOE your plant looks great!
If it’s that one leaf I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I have had a mystery bug eat little sections from a leaf (not leaf miners) and now just chalk it up to donating to the insect. Heck I remove more in a minute than the critter takes in a whole grow so I don’t sweat it.
One thought I had is it could be that leaf rubbing against the scrog net? With those cut lines the way they are looks like maybe that was the cause?
Anyway hope this helps and good luck with your grow


Thanks! Appreciate the advice.

Your plant looks great and healthy, as mentioned your leaves could be rubbing or if you have a fan blowing on the plant it can cause these symptoms. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply! After your comment I looked at my grow room again and I did in fact have a fan that was blowing directly on this leaf from about 4 inches away. I promptly re-positioned it. Sometimes I cant see the forest for the trees!


No worries at all my friend that’s what this place is for! Glad you caught it and hopefully that was the culprit. Have a great day and grow.