Jack herer auto leaf problem

Hi guys :slight_smile:
This is my first grow jack herer auto she is about 26-28 days of veg time .
What is the problem with the leafes ? Using un-chlorid tapwater 6-7 ph
The light is mars hydro ts 1000 50% dim distance from plant is 70 cm

Looks like mechanical damage from a fan.

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X2 or rubbing against something for a period of time

I’m just curious why you have your lights turned down?


Turned down ? Its recommended from mars hydro. 50% in veg stage. Should i use 100% ?

I’ve never read the manual so if that’s their recommendation then I’d stay there. It just didn’t sound right to me, they’re not stretching so you got it right

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So its wind damage maybe ?

Looks like something hit it or something was dropped on it to me. The only other thing I could think would be bugs but I’ve never seen bug damage like that.

I didnt find any bugs. Maybe its from LST damage i dont know

No i Dont which holes you mean ?

Gnats won’t eat your leaves. They just stick to liquid and nectar. Their larvae can damage roots if they go unchecked. But your issue really looks nothing more than your plant beating itself up. Try and redirect any fans in your space to bounce off your walls first. Should knock down some of the leaf movement.