Unknown Girlie Fan Leaf Weirdness

Greetings my fellow THC’ers. I have this one plant, maybe in 5 week of flower. Yesterday I noted a couple leaves looking like this…

Can someone identify this for me please. Loop inspection see no critters on top or bottom leaf. I tried to see if the yellow could scratch off and it didnt.

Thank you for your time.

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@Zgro Looks to me like chafe marks from the other leaf fingers rubbing on it. Most likely from a fan close by.
Personally I wouldn’t worry over it.
They get plenty marked up by the end of a grow with all the movement they go through. .



I did just pull them all out to add dirt in pots and there definitely was some bumping around going on.

I was sweating it hard for a couple hours. Thank you for the diagnosis.

(when it comes to my girls, I worry way too much… I need another stressless hobby)

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Try not too. Soil is very forgiving. Drip irigation into rockwool…not so much.