Soil neutral mix for plants

What is a good soil mixture for plants

Fox Farm soils, Black Magic, Roots Organics are all good cannabis soils. Stay away from Miracle Grow or any Scott’s products. It is most often far too hot for cannabis plants.

Coco coir is also a really good medium for cannabis, but it has some specific needs (can’t let it dry out, daily watering,…)


I personally like Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. Alot of people say it’s too hot for seedlings, but I’ve honestly never had any issues using it. I never get nutrient burn or lockouts, plants always nice and green and healthy. I use their nutrients also, the liquid trio pack. I don’t germinate my seeds either, I just poke my index finger about half an inch to an inch down into the soil, drop the seed, cover it, sprinkle a few drops of water on it and in a circle all around the area and Shazam, weed.

P. S. @MidwestGuy is right. Stay away from Miracle Gro. Some people use it and have no issues, but the majority I see end up struggling and regretting using Miracle Gro. I almost made the same mistake my first grow, someone here told me otherwise and I listened. Ordered 3 12 qt. bags of Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, the liquid trio nutrients and some cal-mag and that’s been my recipe since


I’ll be honest here, coco is by far given me the best results. Only drawback is daily watering. If you’re set on soil, Coast of Maine Stonington Blend is great soil. I’ve used Fox Farms products and they were good, just alittle too inconsistent in the nutrient strength.

I dont know if yous have richgrow marvel black soil its a good soil for cannabis all u would want to do with it is mix some worm castings and perlite in to this soil i will see if i can find a pic of the soil so u can see if yous have it over there check out this link